About This Website

Like countless people before me, I became sucked into the Zodiac case after reading about it in high school. It was shocking to me that someone could relentlessly taunt the press and police, and never be identified; despite being witnessed fleeing the scene of his last confirmed murder which resulted in a sketch being created. Millions of people have seen that sketch, and the killer’s handwriting from  his many letters, yet here we are 50+ years later- the case unsolved. With the internet came new ways to spend endless hours digging into this case, and going down one rabbit hole after another. I belong to a group of people who truly know what it means to be obsessed with this case,

Zodiackiller.net is the newest version of Zodiackillersite.com which I created years ago as exclusively a discussion forum about California’s infamous Zodiac Killer. Since that time, I have created podcasts about the case, consulted for tv shows, and co-authored a book. It’s my goal to keep this case in the public eye as it’s one of America’s biggest unsolved (currently)mysteries. I wanted a place where people can come to learn about the case through accurate information and case details, and with the old forum still in-tact here, provide a platform for both Zodiac experts and novices alike to discuss the case.

There is a tagline from the 2007  ‘Zodiac’ Movie Poster which sums things up perfectly….”There’s more than one way to lose your life to a killer”

It’s very true. Be careful when you dive into this case, you may have a hard time finding your way out!

Mike Morford, Owner & Webmaster of Zodiackiller.net