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Zodiac right-handed

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looked at the handwriting again..especially the ‘+’ in ‘Washington + Maple’.

This ‘+’ is very distinctive, again, very much Z-style. Drawn from the top to the lower part, then up again to the left and ending on the right side of the ‘+’. This time, Z slightly lifted his pen before drawing the horizontal line of the ‘+’. In any case, this appears to have been written by a right-hander. IMO under (almost) no circumstances could such a symbol have been drawn by a left-hander in such a shape. Nothing new or special that Z is assumed to be a right-hander, but someone may want to take this hint as a sort of confirmation of that theory.



Posted : May 27, 2014 10:58 pm
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I agree that his ‘and’ symbol is quite interesting and, without professing to be any sort of expert on the matter of ampersands, does seem relatively particular.
It is more of a plus sign ‘+’ than an ‘&’ though and I don’t know if there’s any conclusions that can be positively drawn from that.
It seems consistent throughout the writings and I think, natural to the author of the letters, as opposed to say the creation of a deliberately adopted style.
I’m not sure, however, that this can be conclusively determined to be a product of right hand penmanship,
and would be keen to learn how this detection took place.

Posted : November 25, 2014 11:23 pm