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Ricky, Robert, Betty Lou and Blue Cars

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One of the most fascinating aspects of this case are the significant number of coincidental reports and statements.

In her statement, Mrs. Jensen states she believes Ricky Burton may be creeping around their house at night because she has found the gate unlocked.  Betty’s sister mentions Betty’s comments about closing the windows, thinking Ricky is spying on her.

Betty’s friend Brenda tells the police Ricky doesn’t have any real friends and he spends a lot of time hanging out with his brother-in-law, who drives an older blue car with the paint falling off.

Then there is Robert.  Robert contacts police because he thinks the murders were a case of mistaken identity.  Robert believes he and his wife are being stalked by his wife’s ex-boyfriend.  They have made several reports of being followed/stalked by someone in a blue car, however the police can never catch the car.  Robert drives a Rambler wagon similar to David Faraday’s.  His wife also knew Betty Lou and physically resembles her as well.

What are the odds that two women who knew each other, looked similar, and were with men who drove the same car were being stalked by two different people who drove/had access to blue cars?  Or is it more likely there was one stalker who was stalking the wrong person?

Posted : April 5, 2023 6:15 am