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At the time, the victims of Karl Francis Werner (Bilek/Furlong/Snoozy) were thought to be Z victims (Toschi). However, after identifying Werner, it got pretty clear that the teenage girl stabbings in the area of Los Gatos had been the insane actions of Werner. He pleaded guilty and is now incarcerated at the California Medical in Vacaville (eating his pills..).

The crime of Shelley Irene Holmboe, however, was never “solved”. In fact, the case is nearly identical to Werner’s MO:

– Savage stabbing
– “overkill”
– Teenage girl (victim)
– Area of the Los Gatos woods / Blossom Hill Road

Police put the killing of Holmboe down as dog activity. At that time, nobody had an idea that Werner even existed. But in fact, the crime of Holmboe happened within only 2.5 months of the Furlong/Snoozy murders. It even happened in the same area – both crimes near Blossom Hill Road. Also, the strong overkill is rather ‘unique’ (Holmboe was savagely stabbed, too); implying to some rock-solid mental illness of the killer.

According to these strong indications, I consider the Shelley Irene Holmboe crime as a Werner one. Because it has not been ‘registered’ as such officially, I submitted to Santa Clara County Sheriff so they can verify (as long as Karl F. Werner is still alive enough to confess). With respect to the victim. Hopefully they do.


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Posted : December 31, 2022 10:52 am