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Facts & Evidence – Ted Kaczynski As The Zodiac

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All materials, writing, research and graphics herein are copyright AK Wilks. Copyright 2010, 2013, 2018 by AK Wilks.

NOTE: Special thanks to AweShucks for graphics and image work, Ricardo for research on and images of Santa Barbara suspect "Sandy", Doug Oswell for all of his great research in particular on shared words and symbols, Morf for research on Aardsma and other cases, Cimm for info on the Percy case, Linda, Drew, Dreamnine, Luke, Dan G, thebigZ and many others for reseach and information. Thank you all. Having said that, the ideas and theories here are my own, and it should not be considered that those listed agree with all or any of them.

Right here I will try to post the most essential information on Ted Kaczynski as a suspect in Zodiac and other unsolved and possibly related cases. The idea is to have a place where the most important information can be kept, so anyone new to Ted Kaczynski as a Zodiac suspect, or needing a refresher, can come here and in 30 minutes get the most critical information.


* Kacsynski lived in the SF Bay area during the time of most of the confirmed Zodiac murders.

* Kaczynski’s attorney said he could not provide any alibi dates for Zodiac murder and mailing dates, starting with Bates in 1966 and going to the 1974 letters, and also including the Santa Barbara murders in 1963 and the Swindle murders in 1964.

* Both Zodiac and Kaczynski were ruthless killers, highly intelligent and interested in and expert at bombs and codes.

* Both made references to opera, literature and Norse myths.

* Both demanded their words be published on the front pages of newspapers on penalty of death for innocents if not done.

* Both threatened to bomb mass transit.

* Both left drawings of crossed lines inside circles at crime scenes.

* Both used crossed lines inside circles as signatures.

* Both sent taunting messages to police and victims.

* Both usually used excessive postage, often double postage.

* Both wrote checkmark "r" ‘s, three stroke "k" ‘s, five stroke "m" ‘s and had many other handwriting matches.

* Both commented on the bounty put on their head.

* Both were filled with hatred and a desire for revenge against society.

* Both owned and used Winchester Western .22 Super X ammo.

* Both had guns with flashlights attached to the barrel.

* Kaczynski shot a man at a mining site with a rifle – Zodiac threatened to shoot school kids on a bus with a rifle

* Both had an unusual walk – Officer Fouke said the man he saw at the Stine crime scene walked with a "lumbering gait…a semi-limp", a girl at Lake Berryessa observed that a man watching them who may have been the Zodiac "favored one leg over the other", and David Kaczynski said his brother Ted was "noticably pigeon-toed" and that it "affected the way he walked".

* Both had knowledge of Deer Lodge, Montana.

* Zodiac taunted police, hinted he shot SFPD Officer Radetich and most importantly attacked and killed couples in known love making spots; Kaczynski recorded a desire in his journal to kill "police", "rowdy college students", "promiscuous" women and men and "noisy" love making "couples" in September of 1966.


There are many similarities between the Santa Barbara beach murders of Domingos and Edwards in June 1963 and the Zodiac Killer attack at Lake Berryessa in September 1969.

* In both murders we have as victims a male – female couple on a blanket by the water

* In both the attacker has a gun, knife and pre-cut rope.

* In both the attacker orders female to tie male, then binds them both.

* And like the Zodiac Killer attack on 12/20/68 at Lake Herman Road, a victim is shot in the back while running away.

* Also the exact same type of ammo was used at Santa Barbara 1963 and Zodiac attack on Lake Herman Road on 12/20/68 – .22 Winchester Western Super X, six right hand twists and grooves, indicating the same model of gun was used, and perhaps even the exact same weapon.

* There was an attempt to start an arson fire at Santa Barbara – in probable Zodiac victim Kathleen Johns her car was burned, and there are several other arsons close in time and space to suspected Zodiac crimes.

Below are sketches of the 1963 Santa Barbara beach murders suspect "Sandy" and pictures of the young Ted Kaczynski, followed by pictures of Ted Kaczynski and suspect sketches in the Zodiac.


Could the known code expert, bomb designer and cold blooded murderer Theodore Kaczynski have been the Zodiac, who shared all those same qualities and traits? Kaczynski taught at U Cal Berkeley from 1967 to 1969, a position for which he interviewed in the Fall/Winter of 1966. So he was in the SF Bay area for all the key dates of Zodiac activity. In all the public records, there are no conflicts between Kaczynski and known Zodiac murder and mailing dates. An attorney for Kaczynski said that no alibis could be presented for any of the Zodiac murder and mailing dates between 1966 and 1974. A witness has placed Kaczynski at the scene of the East Coast Zodiac type knife murder of fellow U of M grad Betsy Aardsma in the Penn State University library on November 28, 1969. The witness picked out a picture of Ted Kaczynski from a photo lineup presented by the Pennsylvania State Police.


One very interesting fact: Zodiac said on 9/27/69 to Bryan Hartnell that he had escaped from "Deer Lodge, Montana", an obscure but beautiful small town that has a state prison. Why didn’t Zodiac just say he escaped from a California prison? How many people in California would have heard of that town, and why would it be on their minds that they would mention it? I think the number would be very small. But Ted had just driven through or by this tiny town in the middle of nowhere with his brother weeks earlier, and he remarked how beautiful an area it was. It made such an impression that it was within an hour of where Ted would buy the cabin he would live in the rest of his life. And Ted would have seen the signs on the highway that warn not to pick up hitchhikers as it is a prison area, and seen the signs announcing Deer Lodge Prison.


Z = Zodiac K = Kaczynski/Unabomber

Z = I hope you enjoy your selves when I have my Blast. Jolly Roger Card.

K = For these reasons, I want to get my revenge in one big blast. GX18-2003F, p. 11.

Z = At the moment the children are safe from the bomb because it is so massive to dig in & the triger mech requires much work to get it adjusted just right. Belli Letter, 1969.

K = Its no fun having to spend all your evenings and weekends preparing dangerous mixtures, filing trigger mechanisms out of scraps of metal …. New York Times Letter, 1995.

Z = I gave the cops som bussy work to do to keep them happy. Seven-Page Letter, 1969.

K = This seems to us a thoroughly contemptible way for the human race to end up, and we doubt that many people would find fulfilling lives in such pointless busy-work. Unabomber Manifesto, 1995.

Z = This is the murderer of the 2 teenagers last Christmass at Lake Herman & the girl on the 4th of July near the golf course in Vallejo. To prove I killed them I shall state some facts which only I & the police know. Three-Part Cipher, 1969.

K = To prove that we are the ones who planted the bomb at U. Of Cal. last May we will mention a few details that could be known only to us and the FBI who investigated the incident. S.F. Examiner Letter, 1985.

Z = The police shall never catch me, because I have been too clever for them. Seven-Page letter, 1969.

K = And it doesn’t appear that the FBI is going to catch us any time soon. New York Times letter, 1995.

Z = 2 cops pulled a goof. Seven-Page letter, 1969.

K = The FBI is a joke. New York Times letter, 1995.

Z = As of yet I have left no fingerprints behind me contrary to what the police say. Seven-Page Letter, 1969.

K = Contrary to what the FBI has suggested, our bombing at the California Forestry Association was in no way inspired by the Oklahoma City bombing. New York Times Letter, 1995.

Z = This is the murderer of the 2 teenagers last Christmass … July 31, 1969 Letter (Chronicle).
This is the Zodiac speaking. Numerous correspondences, 1969 through 1971.

K = This is a message from the terrorist group FC. New York Times Letter, April 24, 1995.
This is a message from FC. Tom Tyler Letter, June 30, 1995.

Z = I promised to punish them if they did not comply, by anilating a full School Buss. But now school is out for the summer, so I punished them in another way. Mt. Diablo Letter, 1970.

K = The people who are pushing all this growth and progress garbage deserve to be severely punished. New York Times Letter, 1995.

Z = By the way it could be rather messy if you try to bluff me. Seven-Page Letter, 1969.

K = A special case of Theorem (b) was proved (in effect) in [6, proof of Theorem 6] by means of a rather messy lemma. T.J. Kaczynski. Boundary Functions and Sets of Curvilinear Convergence for Continuous Functions. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, Vol. 141 (Jul., 1969), 107-125, p. 124.

Z = [Called a violent movie] "deplorable".

K = [Called OKC bombing] "deplorable".

The ones above are some that I considered most compelling and a few of my own.

I do think the shared word usage of Kaczynski and Zodiac is remarkable, and unlike what we see in any other Z suspect.

LINDA: In addition to yours above, some others that I find quite compelling from Doug’s list are:

1. Both use the word "So" to begin several of their thoughts.
2. Both use the phrase "By the Way" to begin several of their thoughts.
3. Use of "is is" in sentences.
4. Both use the words "To prove" at the beginning of sentences followed by information
they felt provided proof of authenticity
5. Both draw a full line across the page to separate thoughts.

Interestingly, it was his writings that lead to the downfall and capture of the Unabomber. His cleverness of hiding his true identity and remaining obscure for 18 years began to unravel once his demand for publication of his Manifesto was agreed upon by authorities. Once published in the papers, his brother recognized what he thought could be his brother’s thoughts and certain phrases and finally, through legal counsel, notified authorities that he felt there was a great possibility that his brother was, in fact, the elusive Unabomber. Since TK was a prolific writer, authorities were provided with numerous known samples of his writings (letters, documents, papers, etc.). Comparisons were made of known Unabomber writings with known Kaczynski writings in a manner similar to the one Doug has presented on his site when comparing the Zodiac and TK.

Both Zodiac and Ted Kaczynski sometimes did letters in a similar blocky style.

Both Zodiac and TK write blocky letters and each uses actual circles to top the letter "i".

Z – misspells words, probably intentionally in most cases. Examples of last consonant in word changed to a vowel in the Z408.
TK – encodes "yesterday" as YESTERDAE.


Zodiac 408 Code: DANGEROUE
Unabomber Code: YESTERDAE

Both Zodiac and Kaczynski have a code in which in order to increase difficulty of solution they change the last consonant in a word to the vowel "E".

DANIEL GILLOTTI: I don’t have anything to add to this at this time. I wanted to say nice job…. this is very good work here. Jem, Linda, AK…awesome… :D


Thanks Dan and Cimm! And thanks to Jem and Linda!

Picking up on a discussion started by WRENCH at zkf, it was noted that the lines in the bus bomb diagram are LONG – SHORT – LONG, and that this is Morse Code for the letter "K".

Hmm, any Zodiac suspect last name start with the letter "K"? :roll:

Look at a Ted Kaczynski bomb design and a Zodiac bomb design.

Also, look at the part of the bus bomb diagram where it says "BUS GOES BANG."

Compare to Ted Kaczynski saying "RIFLE GOES BANG."

Identical construction…saying an object "goes bang."

And remember both Kaczynski and Zodiac used many of the same odd words and phrases, like "AROUND IN THE SNOW".



By Ted Kaczynski

It’s the autumn of 2025 AD. The technoindustrial system fell apart a year ago, but you and your friends are doing alright. Your garden has flourished this past summer and in your cabin you have a good supply of dried vegetables, dried beans and other foodstuffs to get you through the coming winter. Just now you’re harvesting your potatoes. With your spades, you and your friends uproot one potato after another and pick the plump tubers out of the soil.

Suddenly the friend at your elbow nudges you and you look up. Uh-oh. A gang of mean-looking men is coming up your trail. They have guns. They look like trouble, but you stand firm. The leader of the gang walks up to you and says,

"Nice looking potatoes you got there."

"Yeah," you reply. "They’re nice-looking potatoes."

"We’re going to take them" says the gang leader.

"The hell you are!" you answer. "We spent a long summer of hard work growing those potatoes…"

The gang leader points his rifle at your face and says, "—— you, punk." To his men he adds, "Dick, Ziggy, check the cabin and see what kind of food they got. We might just move in and spend the winter here. Mick, grab that bitch over there before she gets away. She got a nice ass. We’ll all screw her tonight."

You get angry and start shouting, "You bastard! You can’t…"

The RIFLE GOES BANG. You’re dead.


In the Bates confession letter, it says "This letter should be published for all to read it. It just might save that girl in the alley. BUT THAT WILL BE UP TO YOU. IT WILL BE ON YOUR CONSCIENCE, NOT MINE".

In the Kaczynski Utah letter it says "When I contact my new friend summer of 1988 and he tells me you have kept your nose clean you will have nothing to fear. IN OTHER WORDS, YOUR FATE IS IN YOUR OWN HANDS."

In both letters, the criminal puts the responsibility to the reader "That will be up to you" and "Your fate is in your own hands". The criminal tells the reader what to do "publish this letter" and "keep your nose clean". If they don’t the threat is there for more murders, but it is up to the reader.

Very unusual, very specific and very similar.

We all know that Ted Kaczynski eluded capture as the Unabomber for 18 years, and that the FBI had a 25,000 name suspect list that did not include his name. But Ted Kaczynski’s downfall, what led to his capture, was that he used certain very specific and odd words and phrases that virtually no one else used. David Kaczynski recognized these words and phrases used by the Unabomber as ones that his brother Ted had used. This included the phrase "cool headed logician." It also included Ted’s unique phrasing of the old saying "You can’t have your cake and eat it too" as "You can’t eat your cake and have it too."

Similarly, when we look at the words and phrases of the Zodiac, many very specific and unusual, we see that Ted Kaczynski often used these exact same odd words and phrases. This first example was discussed first by Doug Oswell, Linda and Kite, but I don’t think it has been examined in depth.

Six months after the abduction and presumed murder of Nevada resident Donna Lass, the Zodiac sent in a card thought to hint at her murder. The card included the very odd phrase "AROUND IN THE SNOW". The card seems to imply that the dead body of Donna Lass can be found AROUND IN THE SNOW.

The phrase is odd. Normally we might expect to hear that a body is "IN THE SNOW", or "ON THE SNOW", or "OUT IN THE SNOW".

Thus the term "AROUND IN THE SNOW" is very unusual. [Patinky and others have said this term is used in Kentucky].

In his new book Technological Slavery, on page 400, Ted Kaczynski discusses hunting rabbits and states that after shooting a rabbit it can be found bouncing "AROUND IN THE SNOW."

Both the Zodiac and Ted Kaczynski use the odd term "AROUND IN THE SNOW" to refer to where a body may be found.

There are many, many other examples.

Zodiac: Police should have "sat there quietly waiting for me to come out of cover." Zodiac Stine Letter, October 13, 1969, to SF Chronicle.

Kaczynski: "I went down there and watched, from cover, a guy with a bulldozer…". Unabomber: The Secret Life of Ted Kaczynski, by Chris Waits and Dave Shors, p. 278.

Analysis: Both Zodiac and Kaczynski descibe hiding from and watching enemies behind forestry as from "cover", a military term.

Zodiac: "was a negro about 40 -45 rather shabbly dressed." Zodiac Letter of August 4, 1969, to SF Examiner.

Kaczynski: "their homes looked shabby". Technological Slavery, p. 397.

Zodiac: BE SURE TO PRINT the part I marked out on page 3 or I shall do my thing.

Kaczynski: BE SURE TO tell us where and how our material will be published and how long it will take to appear in PRINT once we have sent in the manuscript.

Z = 2 cops pulled a goof. Seven-Page letter, 1969.

K = The FBI is a joke. New York Times letter, 1995.

Z = As of yet I have left no fingerprints behind me contrary to what the police say. Seven-Page Letter, 1969.

K = Contrary to what the FBI has suggested, our bombing at the California Forestry Association was in no way inspired by the Oklahoma City bombing. New York Times Letter, 1995.

Z = By the way it could be rather messy if you try to bluff me. Seven-Page Letter,November, 1969.

K = A special case of Theorem (b) was proved (in effect) in [6, proof of Theorem 6] by means of a rather messy lemma. T.J. Kaczynski. Boundary Functions and Sets of Curvilinear Convergence for Continuous Functions. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, Vol. 141 (Jul., 1969), 107-125, p. 124.

Z = [Called a violent movie] "deplorable".

K = [Called OKC bombing] "deplorable".

Both commented on their bounties.

Zodiac: ‘I am mildly cerous as to how much money you have on my head now?’ and ‘What is the price tag now?’.

Kaczynski: ‘25,000 dollar reward offered. Rather flattering.’

People will tell me sometimes "Oh here is a person who said "rather messy", and sometimes I say "no longer", and someone else said "around in the snow". What is interesting is that both Zodiac and Ted Kaczynski used dozens and dozens of the same words and phrases, and some are not very common, like "rather messy", "around in the snow", "contrary to what police say", "evidence only I and police know", etc. Look at the posts on page one of this thread after you read this post.

Some new finds by KITE:

I don’t know if this has been brought up before or not but Kaczynski wrote, concerning the price of a Christmas card:

(I bet it doesn’t cost them a nickel to print the damn thing.)

Zodiac wrote:
(When I hung the phone up the dam thing began to ring and that drew his attention to me and my car.)

Here’s an interesting comparison between a Unabomber letter(4/24/95) and a Zodiac letter(11/9/69, 7 pages).
Zodiac: (I shall NO LONGER ANNOUNCE to anyone when I comitt my murders)
FC: Why do we ANNOUNCE our goals only now…
FC: Since we NO LONGER have to confine the explosive…

Zodiac: the system checks out from one end to the other in my TESTS.
Zodiac:I think you do not have the man power to stop this one by continually SEARCHING THE road sides looking FOR this thing.
Zodiac: Have FUN!! By the way, it could be rather messy if you try to bluff me.

FC: It’s no FUN having to spend all your evenings and weekends preparing dangerous mixtures, filing trigger mechanisms out of scraps of metal or SEARCHING THE Sierras FOR a place isolated enough to TEST a bomb. So we offer a bargain.

Zodiac: BE SURE TO PRINT the part I marked out on page 3 or I shall do my thing.
FC: BE SURE TO tell us where and how our material will be published and how long it will take to appear in PRINT once we have sent in the manuscript.

I am curious to know if there is any possibility that TK was actually influenced by Zodiac, or if there is good evidence to show that his use of similar words and phrases predates the Zodiac case.

That is an excellent question. I will give more info later this weekend, here are my first thoughts:

1. Was TK the Zodiac, or was he influenced by the Zodiac? In the thousands of pages of Ted’s notes and journals that we have seen, he never mentions the Zodiac. He does mention Charles Whitman, and the OKC bomber, but not Zodiac. Despite the fact that Ted lived in the SF Bay area when Z was active, and despite Ted and Z having a shared interest in bombs, codes and killing people. The FBI will not release Ted’s journals for the most active Zodiac years of 1968 and 1969. But from what we know, Ted was not influenced by the Zodiac, he never acknowledges being influenced by the Zodiac. Just like the diary of Bruce Wayne would not mention Batman…

2. In some cases, the words of Z predate the words of Ted. Like the use of "contrary to what police say..". But in most of these instances, the words by Zodiac would not be the type that someone like Ted or anyone would copy. It just seems like Ted uses the same words or identical or near identical phrases like "contrary to what police say", "known only by police/FBI and I/us", "trigger mech", etc. I do not see any other suspect having used these words and phrases. To patinky/stitch’s point, while someone else may use "around in the snow" or other words, I have not found an individual other than Ted who uses 30 or more words and phrases that Zodiac used.

3. In many cases, Ted used the words, phrases or images FIRST, before Zodiac did. This is the case with "rather messy" and many others. And Ted used crossed lines in a circle as a signature BEFORE Zodiac did.


Just like the zodiac, Kaczynski used crossed lines inside circles as a signature and drew crossed lines inside a circle at a crime scene.

Kaczynski had a life long interest in, almost obsession with, crossed lines inside circles.

1. He signed a yearbook with his "mark" – crossed lines inside a circle.

2. He spent several years of graduate study and his PHD dissertation on the boundary functions of circles, in particular dealing with the unit circle, which looks like the Zodiac symbol.

3. At the campus of a Unabomber target, he spray painted the Yggdrasil symbol, also known as the Algiz Rune, along with the letters "FC" and "Anarchy". The Anglo-Saxon translation of the Algiz Rune is "Z"! It consists of, once again, crossed lines inside a circle. The Yggdrasil is the World Tree, but it also stands for "tree of terror; gallows", and the Algiz Rune also means to "wound severely; to mark with blood."

And a close up on his signature with the crossed lines inside a circle.

Close up on Unit Circle, Zodiac Symbol and Unabomber Symbols

DORANCHAK: Perhaps authorship can be determined using stylometry:


More info:

http://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2 … peo_3.html

JStylo is a free tool for extracting "authorship features" from text:


I thought it’d be interesting to experiment with that.


The thing about the ‘Kaczynski as Zodiac’ theory is that it postulates Kacyznski would rather his time as Zodiac remain dead and buried, for admitting he was Zodiac would shatter the image of him as a controlled, clinical, highly intelligent anti-technology crusader, instead making the public remember him as the sexually frustrated lunatic who went around cowardly killing helpless young people.

Right. Ted decided he would rather face the death penalty than have his lawyers say he was insane. As the letter writer said "I am not sick", Ted said "I am not a sickie. They were going to portray me as a sickie."

Ted is a hero to some people in the anarchist primitivist movement and the radical environmental groups. He is interviewed by college professors and cited in journals. They view him as a political terrorist, a leader in a cause, someone who fought against big corporations and technology.

The Zodiac is a serial killer, viewed in the category of Jack the Ripper and Ted Bundy, a sick psychopath who shot teenagers in the back, a lovers lane stalker who took out his sexual frustrations on innocent men and women. Zodiac does get some "praise" for being a genius, going uncaught and making unsolvable codes. Yet these are overshadowed by killing teens and the label as a psycho.

I think Ted is happy with how he is viewed now. Other than teasing references, like signing his name with a huge Z, he will not admit to being Zodiac.

Gary Greenberg noted that Ted Kaczynski would often sign his letters with a large "Z" underneath the signature. He wondered if this was like a "Mark of Zorro". I have never seen anything to indicate Kaczynski would have been a fan of those old adventure films. Ted also told a psychiatrist he had an "obsession" with a "Ms. Z" during his graduate school years, though no evidence suggests he had a relationship with any woman, let alone one with a last name starting with a "Z". Was "Ms. Z" his codeword for Zodiac? Ted also spray painted a Yggdrasil symbol, also known as the Algiz Rune, at the campus of a target. The Algiz Rune translates to English as the letter "Z". In a yearbook Ted indicated his "mark" was two crossed lines inside a circle, suggesting a rough early prototype of the Zodiac symbol. Is the large "Z" under his name meant to conjure up Zodiac?

Zodiac often but not always did a 3 stroke "k", Kaczynski often but not always did a 3 stroke "k". Zodiac often did a 5 stroke "m", same as Ted. Other matches include the checkmark "r", short caps and bottom on the capital "I" and frequent cursive looped back on the "d". Look at Ted’s "k" in "Park" – a clear 3 stroke. Morrill said few people in the general population do 3 stroke "k" or 5 stroke "m" so those would be things he would look for. I also blew up the Ted letter to the boy.


From Doug Oswell, the Application Bio by Kaczynski to the U Cal Berkeley, December 1966.

The writing looks particularly Zodiac like to me, compare it to the Belli letter.

TAHOE 27: You have always provided nice comparisons AK!

Ted’s writing has always been closest to Zodiac’s than most others, imo.

Since I don’t believe Zodiac responsible for all the crimes or letters, many of these guys still remain intriguing. If Zodiac wasn’t responsible for some, who were the ones who were?



In the summer of 1966, most likely late August/early September 1966, Ted Kaczynski records a break through moment in his life. He is a genius, yet socially alienated and isolated. He describes hearing the sound of couples having sex in the apartment next door to his, and he says it fills him with frustration and anger. Out of despair and self described "acute sexual starvation", he records in his journal that instead of killing himself he will "really kill everyone I hate."

The people he says he hates and wants to kill are many, but they include two distinct groups. One group is what he calls "bigshots" or "government officials", and these include "scientists", "big businessmen", "politicians" and "police".

The other group of people he hated and wanted to kill included love making "couples", "college students" and those college men and especially women he deems "promiscuous", who are nothing but "animals" and "pigs". Look at the government psychiatric report on Kaczynski done after he was arrested for the Unabomber crimes:

In the summer after his fourth year [of graduate school, the summer of 1966], he describes experiencing a period of several weeks where he was sexually excited nearly all the time and was fantasizing himself as a woman and being unable to obtain any sexual relief. He decided to make an effort to have a sex change operation. When he returned to the University of Michigan [most likely in late August or early September 1966] he made an appointment to see a psychiatrist to be examined to determine if the sex change would be good for him. He claimed that by putting on an act he could con the psychiatrist into thinking him suitable for a feminine role even though his motive was exclusively erotic. As he was sitting in the waiting room, he turned completely against the idea of the operation and thus, when he saw the doctor, instead claimed he was depressed about the possibility of being drafted. He describes the following:

"As I walked away from the building afterwards, I felt disgusted about what my uncontrolled sexual cravings had almost led me to do and I felt humiliated, and I violently hated the psychiatrist. Just then there came a major turning point in my life. Like a Phoenix, I burst from the ashes of my despair to a glorious new hope. I thought I wanted to kill that psychiatrist because the future looked utterly empty to me. I felt I wouldn’t care if I died. And so I said to myself why not really kill the psychiatrist and anyone else whom I hate. What is important is not the words that ran through my mind but the way I felt about them. What was entirely new was the fact that I really felt I could kill someone. My very hopelessness had liberated me because I no longer cared about death. I no longer cared about consequences and I said to myself that I really could break out of my rut in life an do things that were daring, irresponsible or criminal." [Psych Report] {Emphasis added}

That happened sometime in the summer of 1966, most likely in late August/early September 1966. Probably mere days later, on or around September 3, 1966, bombs go off at the suburban Chicago house of Elmwood Park Mayor Elmer Conti and at a glass company on Paulina St. in Chicago. Within weeks there is another attack on a home of an Illinois politician Republican Senate nominee and Bell & Howell CEO Charles Percy, this one far more brutal and lethal, and his daughter Valerie Percy is murdered on September 18. One week later Monsanto chemical engineer Jerry Bricca, his wife Linda and daughter Debbie in suburban Cincinnati are bound and killed. On October 30, 1966, when evidence shows Ted Kaczynski is in California, the first probable Zodiac crime, the murder of college student Cheri Jo Bates occurs.

His first confirmed Unabomber crime was in 1978, when he was 36 years old. Yet we know from research that the most active and violent period for the majority of serial killers is from their late teens to late twenties. And we see that Kaczynski reports the motivation, desire and ability to kill at least as early as the summer of 1966.

In 1966 he was a sexually frustrated and confused young man who resolved to kill those he hated, which included "bigshots" but also college students and young women. He later recorded a fantasy of mutilating a woman’s face with a knife. He also wanted to – and did – kill "bigshots" like "big businessmen" and "politicians", and Bell & Howell CEO and soon to be Senator Charles Percy would represent those things to him, as well being a man associated with high technology through his company. And Mr. Bricca was a scientist working for a major corporation. The fathers of Valerie Percy, Linda Bricca and Cheri Jo Bates all worked for companies or facilities involved in technology that had government defense contracts.

In September 1966, of course, Ted was officially enrolled at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. But his TA duties and course work were done, and his thesis almost finished. There was nothing to require him to be physically present at the campus. We know that sometime in the later Fall and/or Winter of 1966 evidence shows he went to California for job interviews at the University of California, Berkeley. Where Percy was killed in Kenilworth, Illinois is ony 30 mintues from the Kaczynski family home in Evergreen Park, Illinois. Ann Arbor is only a three to four hour trip by car or train to Chicago, and a four hour trip by car to Cincinnati, Ohio.



One of the main objections some people will make to the evidence about Kaczynski being the killer of Valerie Percy, the Zodiac or the EAR/ONS – and I admit it is at first glance a reasonable objection – is that Ted was mainly known to kill with bombs, not up close and personal with a gun, blunt object or knife.

If at some point you talk to an FBI Agent, criminal psychologist or serial killer profiler, they will no doubt tell you that the majority of "distance killers", those who kill by bomb or poison, do not typically also commit "up close and personal" crimes with a gun, knife or blunt object.

First, even if studies of known cases show that majority did not also do personal crimes, there is a minority who did.

Racist Joseph Paul Franklin bombed buildings and did sniper shootings, but also killed women up close and personal. Kaczynski had a unique pathology – a specific hatred of technology, business leaders and politicians (which shows up in his Unabomber crimes from 1978 to 1996 and also may have played in a role in the selection of the Percy and Bricca homes as a target), but also the general rage expressed in 1966, in which he wanted to kill "college students" and women. So Kaczynski may well be in the minority of distance killers who also kill up close and personal.

Second, there is evidence Kaczynski actually thought about and even did kill up close and personal.

The FBI states he actually did shoot and wound a miner with a rifle. In his journal that recorded in detail all of his bombing crimes, he also wrote of unspecified other crimes whose evidence he had destroyed and accounts of had burned or buried, because their revelation (in light of his growing reputation as a political terrorist and anti-technology activist) could prove "dangerous, embarrassing or just very bad public relations." Certainly the brutal murder of a young college girl like Valerie Percy or the lovers lane killings of young couples by the Zodiac would not be something he would want publicly known, when some on the fringes of the radical environmental and anarchist movements now touted him as a hero of sorts.

He recorded a desire to kill people by "bomb or other means". He wrote fantasies about mutilating a women’s face with a knife. He spent a year and made a one shot .22 pistol from wood and junk parts that he wrote he intended to use as a "homicide weapon". As a one shot untraceable weapon, it would best be used in situations were the victim was immobile, such as being bound.

He created a shoe device to leave false sole prints of sizes other than his own. That would not help for the known Unabomber crimes, but would for up close and personal crimes. The FBI records he had hand made black and green canvas and denim HOODS and MASKS in his cabin – again, only suitable for personal crimes, and the Zodiac wore a hand made black hood.. He was a known peeper on love making couples, armed burglar, house trasher and arsonist.

Kaczynski created a shoe with a smaller size sole attached to the bottom.

Apparently it was invented as a rather clever way to fool police about his own size 9 to 10 shoes, by putting a smaller shoe underneath. See it below.

The strange thing is he did most of his KNOWN crimes by mail, or a few by placing bombs in parking lots or on cement. So why did he create this shoe device? He also had maps of the LA area, yet he was never KNOWN to have done a crime there. Both the shoe device and the LA maps are generally inconsistent or not relevant to his Unabomber crimes, but may match the Zodiac crimes.


Sharon Bubes, Evanston, IL – Attacked in her bedroom with a hammer, 6/30/66

Valerie Percy, Kenilworth, IL – Murdered in her bedroom by hammer like object and knife, 9/18/66

Bricca Family, Cincinnati, OH – Found bound and murdered in bedrooms by knife, 9/27/66

Cheri Jo Bates, Riverside, CA – Murdered at campus library by knife, 10/30/66

Confession letter in Cheri Jo Bates murder, Riverside, CA – mailed on 11/28/66

Cecelia Shepard, Lake Berryessa, CA – Bound and murdered by knife, 9/27/69

Betsy Aardsma, State College, PA – Murdered in campus library by knife, 11/28/69

Left: Valerie Percy
Middle: Cheri Jo Bates
Bottom: Betsy Aardsma


We know that it is most likely around late August/early September of 1966 when Kaczynski states he was "born again" and decided to "really kill everyone I hate." He states he was suffering from "acute sexual starvation" and that some of the people he wants to kill are love making couples, "college students" and young men and women. Looking at these cases we see possible links between them.

Note also that the Zodiac Killer is a prime suspect in the death of Ms. Bates, and that the interest in Kaczynski as a suspect for the Zodiac has been renewed and is ongoing. Kaczynski was in the SF Bay area at the time of the Zodiac murders, and like the Zodiac, wrote to newspapers demanding his words on the front page and was an expert in codes and bombs.

The Zodiac was known to do mailings and crimes on the anniversary dates of other crimes. On the three year anniversary of the discovery of the Bricca murders, September 27, 1969, the Zodiac attacked a couple at Lake Berryessa, CA, and bound them with rope before stabbing them. The woman, Cecelia Shepard, was stabbed 10 times and was killed. (Note: On or around September 26/27 1982, the 16th anniversary of the Bricca slaying and the 13th anniversary of the Zodiac murder of Shepard, someone put Cyanide tainted Tylenol on store shelves in the Chicago area. All the tampering sites were within a 20 minute radius of the Kaczynski family home in Lombard, Illinois).

Looking at the pictures of Valerie Percy, Cheri Jo Bates and Betsy Aardsma, there are clear similarities (and I think Linda Bricca and Cecelia Shepard would fit in here as well). All the girls are beautiful, with fresh faces and mid length hair. If perhaps not looking quite like sisters, they certainly look like they could be cousins, all from the same family.

All these women were in the same age range and all were college students. All were intelligent, charming, independent and assertive. All were "good girls" to use the language of the times. All lead clean lives with no clear suspects in their murders.

Percy and Aardsma were both graduate students. Percy had graduated from Cornell and was to start graduate school at John Hopkins; Aardsma had graduated from the University of Michigan and had just started grad school at Penn State.

It seems Ted Kaczynski had either actually or potentially crossed paths with each of these women, had a tie to the area they were in and was actually in each of the three different states they were in when they were killed.

* Percy’s Kenilworth home was within 30 minutes of where Kaczynski’s family home in Evergreen Park was located, and four hours from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

* Before enrolling at the University of Michigan, Aardsma visited and spent extensive time in Ann Arbor in 1966-1967, Ted’s last year there, they both shared an interest Native American Indian cultures and in politics, Aardsma was researching a mathematician when killed and most importantly a witness has placed Ted at the murder scene, in the Penn State library the day before the murder.
* Bates was killed in Riverside, California during the time that evidence shows Ted went out there in the late Fall/early Winter of 1966 to interview with the University of California, Berkeley, which also has campuses in LA and Riverside.

Percy was stabbed multiple times and bludgeoned in the head; Bates was stabbed multiple times and kicked in the head; Aardsma was killed by a single brutal knife thrust to the heart.


In particular, there are very notable similarities between the murder of Ms. Bates in California on October 30, 1966 (when evidence shows Kaczynski was in that state), and the murder of Ms. Aardsma on November 28, 1969 at the Penn State library (when evidence shows Kaczynski was there, at that library). In some instances there are also similarities to the Percy murder. University of Michigan graduate Betsy Aardsma, attending Penn State graduate school, was brutally murdered. Like the murder of Ms. Bates:

* The murder took place within one day of a major Fall Holiday (Bates Halloween, Aardsma Thanksgiving). (Percy near the Autumnal Equinox and Harvest Moon, Bricca and Shepard on the Norse Harvest Festival).

* The murder took place at or in a campus library (Bates at the library, Aardsma actually in the library).

* The weapon was a short knife, approximately 1 inch wide and 3 1/2 to 4 inches long. (I don’t know the length of knife used on Percy but a bayonet was found in the lake nearby, Bricca was killed by a 6 1/2 inch knife, perhaps a bayonet, and Shepard may have also been killed with a bayonet or bayonet sized weapon).

* The attack was brutal and the victims led clean lives with no obvious suspects. (Also true of Percy, Bricca and Shepard).

* In both cases taunting letters were sent after the crime. (Bates killer sent a letter to her father, a threat letter was sent to Charles Percy in May 1966, Zodiac letter sent after Shepard murder).

* A poem found written/etched onto a wood surface at the Riverside college talked about killing a girl in a red dress, and Aardsma was wearing a red dress when killed. Also a morbid and cryptic statement about death was written/etched onto a wood surface, perhaps by the Aardsma killer, and signed "RSK". (Zodiac wrote a message on the car door where Shepard was killed). (The Riverside poem had the initials "RH"; Penn State writing was signed "RSK"; to throw police off track, Kaczynski later put a message in a bomb signed "RV")

* At Riverside, a wooden desk attached to a chair had a poem about death signed "RH" – police thought it might have been written by the killer.

* At Penn State, a wooden arm attached to a chair had a statement about death signed "RSK" – police thought it might have been written by the killer. It said "Here sat death in the guise of a man. RSK".

After the Zodiac murder of cab driver Paul Stine in October 1969, and the release of the Zodiac composite sketch in early November 1969, the SF area would have been very hot for the Zodiac. It would be prudent for him to leave, and in fact, Ted’s brother David says Ted did leave California at that time and came home to Illinois. That puts him in the eastern half of the US and a days drive from PA when Aardsma is killed. Ted’s father was from PA. Prior to the murder of Aardsma, Zodiac claimed 7 victims – but in his Christmas letter to Melvin Belli he says he may take a ninth and tenth victim. Who was number 8? Could it have been Aardsma?

Most importantly, a witness picked out a picture of Ted Kaczynski as being present in the Penn State library the day before Aardsma was killed, acting strangely and perhaps wearing a wig.


You can see there is a similarity between Ted and a suspect sketch in the Aardsma case. And there are similarities between the Percy suspect sketch and the Aardsma suspect sketch, including the general face structure, prominent jaw, jutting chin, nose, as well as the same type of glasses.

Given that the attacker of Ms. Bubes and the killer of Ms. Percy were only seen briefly, in very poor light and at an unknown angle, certain aspects may not have been observed correctly. It is possible the narrowness of the face was slightly overstated. In addition, the murder of Aardsma was three years and two months after the murder of Percy. In that time frame, it is reasonable to speculate that as the suspect grew older he may have put on a little bit of weight in the face.

Given those two factors, as an experiment, I took the first and second suspect sketches in the murder of Valerie Percy and MODIFIED THEM BY WIDENING 18%. You can see them below and compare it to the Aardsma suspect sketch and the pictures of Ted Kaczynski in between them.





You can see that on the basis of the suspect sketches it cannot be ruled out that they are all one man. For Santa Barbara, Percy/Bricca, Zodiac, the basic physical description of the suspects in all of these cases MATCHES AND GENERALLY MATCH KACZYNSKI – 5’8′ – 5’10" tall, 150 to 170 pounds, dirty sandy blonde to light brown hair (slight reddish tinge), thin but wiry and athletic build, size 9 1/2 to 10 1/2 shoe print, blue eyes, large hawk like nose, almond shaped eyes, elongated upper lip and prissy lower lip, large forehead, prominent jaw, jutting chin, wears sneakers/military shoes/military boots, often wears plaid or checkered pattern shirts, wears military jacket, ties nautical knots, ties victims with pre cut rope or shoelaces, sometimes wears black reading glasses as a disguise.

The ages generally fit as well – with the Santa Barbara killer described as 18 to 25 in 1963, the Percy murder suspect as 18 to 25 in 1966, the Zodiac as 25 to 35 in 1969.

The suspect description in the Bennallack murder was: "Glen Campbell Haircut" (meaning a large parted wave?), about 25 years old, 5′ 9", 170 pounds.

Shot and wounded by the Zodiac on 7/4/69, Michael Mageau thought Zodiac was 25 to 30 years old and 160 pounds, with short hair but sort of combed up in a "pompadour". Probable Zodiac attempted abduction victim Kathleen Johns also put Zodiac at 160 pounds. In this time period, Kaczynski was 5′ 9" – 5′ 10", 150 to 160 pounds, 27 when Mageau was shot and 28 when Bennallack was murdered.

Also, the sketch of the Bennallack suspect bears a very interesting similarity to the the man seen hiding behind a tree and spying on the college girls at Lake Berryessa before the Zodiac attack there that same day, and thought by police to perhaps be the Zodiac. One girl thought this man was around 28, another thought 30 to 35. Also, the sketch of the Bennallack suspect and the Napa Composite bears a similarity to one of the many looks of Kaczynski, his darker hair, parted in a big wave look.




Two Photographs of Bearded Ted Kaczynski vs. Sketch of Suspect in Murder of Sacramento Nurse Judith Hakari.

Hakari is considered a possible victim of the Zodiac, and police thought her killer also probably murdered fellow Sacramento resident and one mile away neighbor Nancy Bennallack (in a Percy like home invasion attack) and, less than two hours away, Nevada resident and nurse Donna Lass, both also regarded as possible Zodiac victims.

The day after Bennallack was killed, but before it hit the newspapers, the Zodiac sent a Halloween Card to the SF Chronicle claiming a new 14th victim.

And the Zodiac sent in a postcard strongly suggesting he killed Lass.

The bearded Ted Kaczynski bears an obvious strong similarity to the bearded suspect in these probable Zodiac murders.

Ted Kaczynski compared to suspect in Hakari murder.

Police at the time thought that one man may have killed Hakari, Bennallack and Donna Lass – South Lake Tahoe, Nevada is less than two hours away, right across the state line from Sacramento, and Lass, like Hakari, was a nurse.


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Good to see all this information collated and summarised in one post.

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AK Wilks
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In some good news,

…the Zodiac Killer/Domingos-Edwards murderer has been mentioned as a suspect(s) in the Ohio Bricca family murders of Sept. 27, 1966, based in large part on information I provided. The Bricca Murders fall into an incredible series of horrorific killings that happened in the fall of 1966 : Valerie Percy, Chicago area, September 18 1966; Bricca Cincinnati area September 25 or 27 1966, Sims Florida October 1966, Cheri Bates California October 30 1966. (Also looking at the Robison murders, Michigan, June 1968, with the tipster/killer calling himself ZODIUS and bodies stacked).

http://www.clipsyndicate.com/video/play … ?wpid=5435

There was some confusion when the detectives noted the similarity of bound male and female bodies placed atop each other in the Bricca case as being similar to the Zodiac Killer. In fact they were referring specifically to the possible Zodiac crime of the Domingos-Edwards murders. I did explain, briefly, the evidence both for and against the Zodiac being responsible for this case, I think the detectives just adopted a shorthand of considering it a Zodiac case for purposes of comparison. Thanks to duckking2001 for clearing up the confusion over at http://www.zodiackillerfacts.com .

The detectives also noted similarities that do pertain to a confirmed Zodiac case which also involved a knife attack on and a male – female being bound, with the female likely ordered to tie the male, and it happened to Hartnell and Sheperd on September 27, 1969, which is exactly three years after the Bricca bodies were found on September 27, 1966.

Based on evidence and information I provided, and other supporting evidence that they found, the Zodiac Killer/Domingos – Edwards murderer have been mentioned by police there as a suspect(s) in the Bricca Family Murder Case of September 27th, 1966. They are also open to possible ties to the nearby September 18, 1966 murder of Valerie Percy and the later similar MO of the California murders of the EAR/ONS Golden State Killer.

Work on the case continues and I applaud the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department, the Ohio Attorney General and the FBI for keeping an open mind and not giving up.

Work continues.

The Hamilton County Coroner has sent recovered DNA to the FBI.

http://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/cor … ricca-case


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Zodiac often but not always did a 3 stroke "k", Kaczynski often but not always did a 3 stroke "k". Zodiac often did a 5 stroke "m", same as Ted. Other matches include the checkmark "r", short caps and bottom on the capital "I" and frequent cursive looped back on the "d". Look at Ted’s "k" in "Park" – a clear 3 stroke. Morrill said few people in the general population do 3 stroke "k" or 5 stroke "m" so those would be things he would look for. I also blew up the Ted letter to the boy.


From Doug Oswell, the Application Bio by Kaczynski to the U Cal Berkeley, December 1966.

The writing looks particularly Zodiac like to me, compare it to the Belli letter.


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I moved all posts about possible word finds in the 408 code here:


Anyone wanting to continue that discussion can do so there.

I moved it out of here because after considering the criticisms by doranchak and glurk, I no longer consider it among the best and most important evidence. I still think it holds some interest, because of the vertical word finds in the 340, but overall the finds in the 408 cannot be placed beyond the realm of random white noise coincidence, as shown by d and g.

For whatever interest the subject has as a discussion topic, it now has its own thread.

I am going to try to reserve this thread for the most important facts and evidence on TK as a Z suspect – handwriting, shared words and phrases, MO links, psych profiles, physical similarity, timeline, etc.

Please post any questions, comments or criticisms on these issues here.


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You can’t make a case that TK is The Z with a whole lot of alleged connections or circumstantial evidence.

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Did you even read this page? Do you have a specific question?


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Did you even read this page? Do you have a specific question?

"Please post any questions, comments or criticisms on these issues here." by AK Wilks » Tue Oct 08, 2013 9:47 am

Yep and so I posted my comment or criticism. And?

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Your comment was essentially "you are wrong." How do I respond. Give me a specific criticism or queztion and I will adress it.


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Your comment was essentially "you are wrong." How do I respond. Give me a specific criticism or queztion and I will adress it.

I didn’t say that either. I said the argument that TK could possibly be The Z was based on "alleged connections or circumstantial evidence" which LE, much less anyone else, can’t make a conviction. And that’s why it hasn’t been done already, there isn’t any solid evidence.

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I am not trying to convict anybody. I am trying to gather and present evidence to convince police to get DNA and go from there.


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I am not trying to convict anybody. I am trying to gather and present evidence to convince police to get DNA and go from there.

And I’m just saying LEO would have closed The Z case with the best evidence from TK, the proverbial two birds with one stone, if they could have gotten a conviction.

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Two examples of the type of clue I will explore here are seen below. I think it very likely, or at least possible, Zodiac was both a student of cryptography and the history of codes, as well as true crime.

The first is a note reported to be found on a body, perhaps a suicide, connected to the Black Dahlia case. A researcher highlighted words in red that spell out Ed Burns. This may be real, or a hoax, or pure coincidence, but either way it is an example of the type of thing the Zodiac may have seen and been inspired by.

I know for a fact that Theodore J Kaczynski once did something similar to what I propose below, playing a prank/puzzle on a friend he called his "victim", hiding the "18 letters" of his name in the last of each of 18 lines of a musical composition he wrote.

Beneath that is a Cardan Grille device, which can be used to create and decipher codes. It was used by Elizabethian era codemakers and is discussed in books on the history of codes. You can see the diagnol aspect of the grille is similar to a clue I will discuss below.


KITE first noticed the following possible debatable cryptic clue in the 1986 Zodiac letter, apparently sent MAY 6, 1986 – which is 6 months after Ted Kaczynski killed Sacramento computer store owner Hugh Scrutton near a freeway with a bomb (12/11/85) and 2 days after the ONS killed Janelle Cruz in Irvine, also near a freeway and several blocks north of Sacramento Street.

On the second line, the word "AND" is spelled wrong, as it is missing a "D".

On the sixth line, "MYSTERY" is spelled wrong, as it is missing an "E".

On the seventh line, there is an extra "T" and on the eigth line there is a blot out and a "T" written in.

Zodiac calls attention to these letters. Go up in a line and they all line up – a "T", an "E" and a "D", running right by "ted" in "collected".

A "T", an "E" and a "D" – TED.

Following up on this, I looked at the October 29, 1987 Zodiac letter, as it appears to have been written by the same hand as the Cal DOJ authenticated 1986 letter. Right away I noticed that the first 3 capital letters are D, E and T – which can spell TED! Maybe pure coincidence, but when considered with the TED clue in the 1986 letter it is worth noting.

Towards the bottom of the letter the word "tell" is written twice in a strange way – the "l l" ‘s over lap and look like a "d", once again looking like a "ted".

I then circled all non-repeated capital letters – I did get many letters that appear in the name THEODORE J KACZYNSKI, but not enough to be meaningful IMO.

Even using the zero, the best I could get was:

T H E O D – – – J K – C Z Y – – – I.

Mildly interesting, but not enough to be meaningful? That does seem more than you would get by chance…but not enough to convince anyone it was intended.

What is "missing" from the name is O R E A N S K.

Could that mean anything to anyone? An anagram, or clue? Or just random?

You can see the D – E – T possible clue at the start of the letter.

I welcome and encourage substantive comments, criticisms, questions and feedback! Thanks!

Ted Kaczynski did have and use this exact same stamp as was on this possible Zodiac letter from 1986, the flag in front of the Capitol Building. From the Turchie affidavit used to get the search warrant:

92. United States Postal Stamps – All of the ten mailed devices utilized United States postage stamps, as opposed to having a postage metering strip. Nine different types of stamps, in varying combinations, appeared on the ten different devices. Four different stamps depicting the United States Flag were used. The first was a 29 cent, U.S. Flag with the Olympic Rings, which was first issued in April 1991. This stamp appeared on devices 13, 14 and the letter to the New York Times, dated June 24, 1993. The second stamp depicts the U.S. Flag in front of the United States Capitol. This 22 cent stamp was first issued in March 1985, and appeared on devices 9, 10, and 15.

Ted Kaczynski used this same flag over the Capitol stamp on mail bombs in June and November of 1985:

That the Zodiac used on this letter of May or March of 1986:

Which close up analysis by thebigZ/aquiman reveals was almost certainly postmarked "6 MAY 1986":

So what do we have?

Ted Kaczynski purchased the "Flag – Capitol" stamp and used it on two mail bombs in June and November of 1985.

If Cal DOJ expert Terry Pascoe is correct that this is authentic, then the Zodiac used a "Flag – Capitol" stamp in a letter from May of 1986.

If Cal DOJ expert Terry Pascoe is correct that this is authentic, then the Zodiac bragged about recently "collecting" slaves "up by" Sacramento "near a freeway" in the letter with the "Flag-Capitol" stamp.

On December 11, 1985 Ted Kaczynski killed Hugh Scrutton in Sacramento with a pipe bomb placed behind a computer store, by the Capitol City Freeway.

Hotel records and statements indicated Ted Kaczynski was out of Montana for May 1986, leaving in April 1986 and back at the end of May 1986, and mentioned to his brother he would be looking for "work" in a "warm weather state" like Utah or California.

In October 1987 there is a probable Zodiac letter, apparently mailed with a wider version of the "Flag – Capitol" stamp, part of the same series as used by Kaczynski in 1985 and the Zodiac in 1986.

What about the next possible Zodiac letters in 1990?

A "celebrity cipher" card possibly sent by the Zodiac is mailed in September 1990 from Oakland, CA at a time when evidence places Ted Kaczynski in that same area and even that city.

Ted Kaczynski purchased and used the "Christmas Tree – Greetings" stamp on a letter to a neighbor.

If authentic, the Zodiac used a "Christmas Tree – Greetings" stamp on a 1990 Xmas card to the SF Chronicle.

If authentic, the Zodiac was in Northern California, specifically Eureka, in 1990 to mail the SF Chronicle letter.

Compelling evidence, including witnesses, pictures and physical items, places Ted Kaczynski in Northern California, specifically area around Eureka, in 1990.

Suspected Zodiac Xmas Card With Tree Stamp And Kaczynski Xmas Card With Tree Stamp:

Excellent analysis by Doug Oswell:

A careful scrutiny of the composite offers some interesting revelations. Both productions were mailed in early December of 1990. The handwriting on both missives is eerily similar, even to the point of the particular character formations, the relative x-heights of the lower-case characters, the numerals, and the qualities of base alignment and extra spacing between the lines of the addresses. A test comparison of the character formation and relative x-heights can be made by culling individual letters from the Kaczynski card and comparing them with a particular word or words from the suspected correspondence:

The stamps are identical, and in the inset Kaczynski is quoted as lamenting the increased price of a Christmas card: "A buck fifteen for a Christmas card!" he complains, "This is getting ridiculous." The price of the Eureka card, as indicated on the back near the UPC code, is exactly $1.15.

AK – To me, the totality of the evidence suggests that Ted Kaczynski probably did mail the May 1986 and Xmas 1990 probable Zodiac letters, and perhaps the October 1987 and September 1990 possible Zodiac letters. Ted Kaczynski owned and used BOTH of the stamps the Zodiac used in the 1986 and 1990 letters AND he was at both locations the 1986 and 1990 letters were mailed from AND the handwriting matches AND he complained about buying a $1.15 greeting card just like the Z 1990 letter AND he had actually killed a man in Sacramento just before the 1986 Zodiac letter in which Z boasts of having killed in Sacramento. Too many matches to just write off each one as a coincidence.

There are what, maybe 35 to 45 stamps one can use at any given time? And Ted Kaczynski just happened to own and use the sane Capitol/Flag stamp used by the Zodiac in 1986 AND the same Xmas Tree stamp used by the Zodiac in 1990 AND was in both locations the Zodiac letters were mailed from? :shock:


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The stamp correlations are very interesting AK – can one of our US posters please give the European contingent an idea on stamp design usage by the USPS please? In the UK, for example, most people who buy stamps will be given standard Royal Mail stamps with a picture of the queen’s head. We can get special designs but usually you’d have to visit a post office and ask specifically for that design (and they tend to be seasonal or commemorative so tied to a particular time of the year). So you have the odd situation where both situations are highly plausible – stamps match because it’s the standard queen’s head design, or stamps match because the available alternative designs are few in number at any one time. Either way, not unusual for 2 envelopes to have the same stamp if they are sent in the same few months.
It would be quite significant if things were different in the US and many different stamp designs were available at any one time. How likely would it have been in the 70s/80s for two different people to use the same stamps in roughly the same time frame?
I also find it against TK’s character to seem so patriotic in his choice of stamp design, or again is that limited by what’s on offer?

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