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Proof Ted Kaczynski was the Zodiac

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Since my last post was lost in the move to the new site, this thread
will be a combination of a bunch of observations and ideas, all pointing to Theodore J Kaczynski being the Zodiac Killer. I am finding more stuff everyday so I will just post it all here instead of making a post for every topic. This is going to be a lot of different stuff to take in so bear with me please.

In this post:
we saw that there are parts of the ciphers that when overlaid
point to TED’s name, and there were clues in the letters sent with
the ciphers that ALSO pointed to TED’s identity.

Please read that thread to see more details, but in the meantime
here is a little refresher.

But before we get started lets first look at something that will
be important for the rest of the topics covered in this thread.

Theodore J Kaczynski was born on May 22 1942.
He has a tested IQ of 167 and skipped multiple grades in school.
In high school he became obsessed with mathematics, often
locking himself in his room to study advanced math topics all night long. He became so good at math that he graduated high school at age 15 and was accepted to Harvard at age 16 with a mathematics scholarship.

While at Harvard Ted was part of a brutal psychological study led by Harvard psychologist Henry Murray. In this study the participants
were humiliated and verbally abused weekly while being recorded and monitored, and later repeatedly played the film of their frustration and rage. Ted was part of this study every week, enduring some 200 hours of abuse over 3 years.

If you want to learn more read some of AK wilks great posts and Ted’s wiki page.

I’m reiterating this just to provide some backstory for those who aren’t familiar, and to show Ted’s life revolved around mathematics.

Ted went on to complete his masters and doctorate from
University of Michigan and then started teaching math at
UC Berkeley for a short time until unexpectedly resigning
on June 30, 1969 (just 4 days) before the Blue Rock Springs attack on July 04, 1969.

Ted as the UNABOMBER used complicated ciphers and went on a bombing campaign lasting 18 years. At the same time he was also
murdering his neighbors dogs in Montana,
shooting a cow and a miner with a rifle,
building a homemade pistol to use as a “homicide weapon”, sabotaging logging equipment and
setting up booby traps for dirt bikers that were making noise around his cabin.

His UNABOMBER bombings and the Zodiac murders both shared
a subtle pattern which I am working on writing up a post to explain and I will add here soon.

For now though just realize that Ted is a criminal mastermind, a literal diabolical genius that dedicated his life to getting away with murder. Though he has done quite a good job at whitewashing his criminal past under the guise of anti-tech environmentalism and obfuscating his mathematical roots, there are some things that he didn’t hide. Things that can identify him as Zodiac.

The subtle hints that will be explained in the following posts are not random. If it was a one off occurrence I could agree that it was just a coincidence, but there are more and more things coming to light. Things that KEEP pointing to ONE individual!

I will try my best to explain and be open-minded with this evidence, and I ask you to do the same. It is often so easy to focus on one suspect and ignore any evidence that doesn’t fit our narrative. What is even more problematic in this case is that Ted has a PROVEN track record of planting false evidence! With Ted being in prison for the rest of his life, many are uninterested in exploring him further.

Ask yourself this though… what if Ted, a literal genius that dedicated his life to getting away with murder, actually was the Zodiac.

If these clues were pointing to any of the other suspects I would still be presenting everything I find. I have no interest in trying to make a buck off of a murderer or exploiting victims or innocent people. The truth of Ted’s crimes simply needs to see the light of day.

okay rant over, now on to the evidence.

Ted’s birthday is
May 22 1942
which is the
142nd day of the year(365)
38.9% of the way through the year

if we apply that ratio to a circle
we get 140.04 degrees.
(38.9% of 360 degrees = 140.04 degrees)

140.04 degrees


The letter sent to the S.F. Chronicle postmarked July 31, 1969
contained the 2nd piece of the z408 cipher and a two page note.


In that note there was a part that had a weird spacing of
“Exam iner .”

There was a period that was on the exact centerline of the letter.

The inner period was also exactly 3 times the diameter of a circle spanning from the inner period to the right intersection of the zodiac symbol.

And remembering Ted’s birthday ratio mapped to a circle…
when we rotate 140.04 degrees or 38.9% of a circle we land directly on the “t” of the misspelled “idenity”

and that is the same spacing as the super X clue under the word “name” in the other page of the letter.


the X of “superX” also lands on the 2nd piece of the z408 cipher that had Dr TJK, and that is the only instance of “X” in the decrypted cipher.

that X/backward J is also 23 spaces into the 2nd cipher piece. If “idenity” was spelled correctly, then “In this cipher is my idenity” would be longer than 23 and not match up.

And remembering Ted’s birthday 38.9%

the X/J of “DrtJk” is exactly 38.9% of 408!

So we have a spelling “mistake” that is a direct clue to Ted’s identity.

Just once and it’s only a coincidence right?

But can we see this in the other letters?

1970 June 26 “Button Letter” with 32 code and Phillips 66 Map

I noticed that this letter also had a bold inner period right on the center line of the page.

if we draw a line from the center of the zodiac symbol to the period on the center line and
rotate by Ted’s birthday mapped to degrees
140 degrees we land directly on the T of “ted k”


It’s becoming more than a coincidence now right?
But there is a whole lot more I found in this one!

The circles for the center period and the circle from the zodiac symbol to the center period have letters that follow the edge of the circles perfectly:

the “d” of “coupled”


the “t” in “with”

When we draw a circle from the center of the big zodiac symbol to the center of the zodiac symbol in the lower right we have a circle that goes directly through the “t” of the misspelled “anilating” Another clue?

when we draw a circle from the center of the big zodiac symbol to the right side of the zodiac symbol in the lower right we have a circle that goes directly through the 0 in SFPD-0

I also noticed that if I rotated the circles used to find the middle a little to the left they line up with the ends of the arms of the big zodiac symbol and the circle now perfectly intersects the 0 of SFPD-0

TWO circles intersect with this 0! Clue???


When we scale the Letter to the map and overlay the letter on the map there are some VERY INTERESTING alignments…

Ted was living at
2628A Regent st.
I have marked it on the map
with a red X

Notice any similarities with the map and Halloween card?

If we center the bigger zodiac symbol on Mt. Diablo and rotate the letter there are multiple alignments that match the clues we’ve found so far.

The 0 of SFPD-0 that was intersected by 2 circles lines up right
over the area Ted was living at on Regent st.


The right arm of the smaller zodiac symbol in the lower right
ends directly on top of the area Ted was living at on Regent st.


The backward J that is in the 6th column of:
the Z32 code
the z340 cipher
and the z408 cipher

that decrypted to the only “X” and the J of “DRTJK” in the z408

also is directly over the area Ted was living at on Regent st.


If we put the zodiac symbol from the top section of the letter
over Mt. Diablo and rotate it,
the bold period by the words “My AREA”
lines up right over the area Ted was living at on Regent st.


Remember how when we made a circle from the center of the bigger
zodiac symbol to the center of the smaller Zodiac symbol in the lower right we intersected with the “T” in the misspelled “anilaTing”

same thing as before in the other letters:




the X is in the 6th spot!

Just like the backwards J in all three:

And guess what?

When we align the top zodiac symbol with Mt Diablo
the “T” in


lines up right over the area
Ted was living at on Regent st. !!

But even more interesting is
that in this alignment
the inner period is now directly over

Woodside high school


and the top of the d and i in “dig” land right on I280

Less than a mile down the road from Woodside high school
is a commuter parking lot at Woodside and I280
This is where busses pick people up and drop them off

and there is a hill that looks just like the bomb diagram, and there is plenty of vegetation to hide out while planting a bomb.


The school has been there since 1958.

If you look at the map,
the area where the bomb could be set was already built
and the connecting section says “finished mid 1969”

Also something a little amusing… If you follow Woodside (which is CA-84) all the way out to San Gregorio Beach, you pass “Peek-A-Boo Ln”

Was there ever really a bomb? Who knows?
But it is pretty wild that there is a school and bus stop
in that area…


Proof Ted Kaczynski wrote the Bates Confession letter

Knowing that the “X/backwards J” of the DRTJK thing from the z408 was the same ratio of his birthday to a total year I had a suspicion that it would appear in other letters.

Turns out we see the same thing in the Bates Confession letter.

There is some warping of the text in the photo of the confession letter so I have retyped it here with the exact spacing
that is in the pictures. I’ve also added the hyphens on the ends
of the rows to illustrate the dimensions.

If we treat the letter as 79×27

the total spaces in the box is 2,133

Ted’s birthday 5-22-1942
142nd day of year(365)
142/365 = 0.389

Teds Bday (0.389) times length of bates letter (2133)
= 829.825

Position of TED’s Bday (829.825)

Position of TED’s Bday (829.825) / width of letter (79)
829.825 / 79 = 10.5

10.5 lines

When you go down 10.5 lines
you reach the ONLY instance of “TED”!

Could it be that the reason for the weird switching of spaces after the periods, misspellings, and weird 5 space columns were actually to get the alignment just right?


If we look at his name it’s actually even almost in the middle.
The periods would actually be more to the right but you get the



So we have another letter that is following the exact same methods of hiding information.

Speaking of the letters, Zodiac used FDR stamps for the vast
majority of the letters he sent.

Something that caught my eye was:

Franklin D Roosevelt
xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxx
Theodore J Kaczynski

Same spacing for the names…
What was the name of that other
famous Roosevelt???

Could this be a hint at his first name being Theodore?


In the lost post I know there was some questions about what AK wilks posted showing the symbol Ted used as the UNABOMBER or FC.
And that it was a valid re-creation from Doug Oswell’s book
of what was painted at the crime scene.

After realizing the Ted birthday to degrees thing that keeps showing up in the letters the symbol now makes sense.

Ted’s birthday 5-22-1942
142nd day of year(365)
142/365 = 0.389

0.389 of a circle (360 degrees)
= 140.04 degrees

The symbol Ted used as FC was just that 140 degree rotation
both ways and then flipped upside down.

Ted being the definition of a terrorist, was probably quite
amused to be able to use an inverted peace sign as his symbol.


Death Machine and Cipher Overlays

There is much more to this that I will post soon, but just to throw the idea out there…


all fit into the z408 boxes.

page 3 death machine letter shows middle 16 lines
“marked out” and exactly 16 lines tall.

the i’s in the misspelled “supicisous” align exactly with the graph paper width.

NAME in both places of z408 plain text.

 “ID” in little list letter in same spot.

page 2 shows TED in name box.

page 6 “the system checks out one end to the other.”

page 6 shows TED in lower name box.


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When the z340 is lined up at the top with the z408 the “TJK” pivot intersects with the only occurrence of the word “ME” in the z408 plain text and the “Backwards J” lines up with the “X

Dave Oranchak has noticed that the keys between the Z408 and Z340 are missing the C & Q respectively;
It is mentioned on his website here.

Using a picture of the keys for the ciphers from his page, I’ve marked what looks to confirm my previous posts.

Zodiac left out the Letter “C” when assigning the z408 key
“C” is the 3rd letter form the start of the alphabet
the 3rd letter form the end of the alphabet
is “X

Zodiac left out the Letter “Q” when assigning the z340 key
“Q” is the 10th letter form the end of the alphabet
the 10th letter form the start of the alphabet
is “J

So the “backwards J” and “X” theory I’ve been exploring seems to be hinted at here.

The only Backwards J in the Z408 is an “X” when decoded.
the X is also at the J of “DR TJK” in the cipher symbols.

But that spot also lines up with another occurrence of the word “ME” in the untransposed plaintext of the Z340 as well!!

When the z340 is lined up at the bottom with the z408
an instance of “ME” once again intersects with the “DR TJK” of the z408 plain text
Also note the “errors” as we will get back to those soon.

When aligned at the top the TJK intersects with “ME” again.

As well as “ME” & “DRTJK” when aligned in the middle.
Also note one of the “X‘s” from the transposed version of the Z340 also aligns with another “mistake” from the Z408 plain text.

The untransposed plain text of the Z340 with an instance of “ME” that we’ve intersected with,
along with some weird “errors” in the cipher.
Notice where it should say “because I now have” it says “SEE NOW”.

Something about that seemed off to me and when I checked on where that transposes to, we can see something.
It transposes to the backwards B of BOO!

But is gets CRAZIER! Every symbol of that backwards BOO reflects to its exact opposite symbol, making a perfect mirror copy!

showing the transpositions

and for BOO both ways

But this is when I found all the more proof that TJK was Zodiac… Notice the TJK that I showed earlier transposes up to the top right section and the other column of “T” and “backwards J” and “half filled box” transposes to align exactly with the “K” that Zodiac scratched out and “fixed”.

And what does that K look like when transposed back to where the half filled box was?
It creates 2 exactly mirrored columns of “TJK” where each symbol is its perfect opposite. Just like the 2 mirror versions of “BOO”

This is no longer “just a coincidence”…

There is just no way statistically that all of these things point to TJK by accident!

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AK Wilks
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AK Wilks
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Excellent work as always. Still analysing the many fascinating cryptic clues you have discovered. Also, there is this more direct possible clue above. Zodiac’s marks on the map lead directly to the little red square which is the University of California Berkeley, Ted’s home on Regent Street, as you note, on the campus.


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Also look at the relationship of Ted’s place on Regent street to the Lake Herman road murders when Mt Diablo is the center of the circle.


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Fascinating stuff.  Makes my head hurt!  Not sure I understand this transposed Boo stuff.

Posted : August 5, 2021 11:19 pm