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List of Lovers’ Lanes

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I asked a Facebook group of Vallejo residents to provide me with some areas that locals went to as “lovers’ lanes” such as Blue Rock Springs Park and Lake Herman Road turnout. I thought it would provide some information that could be used to comb newspapers to see if there were any suspicious incidents at these spots that might, in hindsight, be connected to the Zodiac Killer.

I am going to try to create map on Google and post it here as well for visual reference.

Here is the list in no particular order:

Hunter’s Hill rest stop on I-80

Dan Foley Park

Sheveland Park (may have been known as Circle Park)

Richardson Park

Sandy Beach County Park

Crest Ranch Park

Baylands Vista Point

On the hill across from the drive-in movie theater on Rollingwood and Benicia

Behind the condos on Tennessee Street across from St. Catherine’s Catholic Church

Under the bridge on Highway 37 and Fairgrounds Road

On the hill by the Masonic Lodge on Masonic Drive

Gravity Hill on the western slope of Sonoma Mountain off Lake Herman Road



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Posted : August 21, 2022 11:20 pm