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Paul Doerr

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Just finished Jarrett Kobek’s two books Motor Spirit and How to Find Zodiac. Obviously there’s no forensic evidence linking Paul Doerr to the murders but I think this is the best suspect that’s ever surfaced. Also Motor Spirit is the best book I’ve ever read about Zodiac. Anybody else read these books or have thoughts about Doerr as a suspect?

Your dad is not the Zodiac.

Posted : October 14, 2022 2:53 pm
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Zodiac researchers put these suspects through their own

set of filters, composed of the reseachers knowledge of

all Zodiac matters, the researchers personal biases &

whatever particular worldview they’ve come to settle on.

[der Weltanschauung, eh, Quicktrader]


For instance, a person might judge that it was the Zodiac that Kathleen Johns encountered (I do) and

a person might judge that it was the Zodiac that

Isobel Watson encountered (I do).


Now, I’ll admit, I haven’t read the books by Jarett Kobek but there’s an engagingly readable article in the LA Magazine by Aaron Gell, about Paul Doerr, titled “Has the Zodiac Killer mystery been solved (again)”.

In that article there’s a picture of Paul Doerr without a

hat and it can be clearly seen that he has a very

noticeable scar on his forehead just below his hairline

on the left side of his face. That picture is noted as

“taken years prior to the Zodiac killings”.


Did Kathleen Johns mention any such scar on the face

of the man whom she drove around with for something

like more than an hour? No, she didn’t.

Did Isobel Watson mention any such scar on the face

of the man she talked to and who attacked her? No,

she didn’t. For me then, Paul Doerr lands in the pile of

not likelies as a Zodiac suspect.


Posted : October 16, 2022 2:47 pm
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Thanks for the LA Magazine tip – that was an engaging read.  The most interesting part to me was he seemed to begin commenting on the phenomenon of people falling into the pit of particular suspects and not being able to climb out, and he seemed to do the same thing.  Shows how powerful the pull is and how hard it is to avoid falling in.


Posted : October 19, 2022 6:02 am
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Honestly mcduff and the beach street suspect are the best since gyke or ala.

Posted : November 12, 2022 5:27 am