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Postmark of 2/14/74 mentioned twice in FBI files

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I have found at least 2 mentions of a 2/14/74 postmark for this letter in the FBI files.

Unless there is a big flat out mistake in the info shared between local police & FBI, the postmark on this letter was clearly 2/14/74, although if you closely, the bus bomb letter is marked incorrectly as April 20, 1969, so we know that this process is not perfect. If they made, 2, not just 1 mistake here in this memo regarding dates, that would say a lot about the state of things with the investigation back then

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Posted : July 19, 2021 9:10 pm
Richard Grinell
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That is a compiled list made subsequent to the two FBI files on the SLA letter, compiled in error. The person who created this list misinterpreted the SLA letter being “received” by the Chronicle on the 14th (see third file below), as opposed to its actual postmark. If you look at the left image you posted, you will see that the person who compiled that list dated the Badlands card as May 6th. That is why I think it’s imperative Mike that we identify the original source FBI files, as opposed to somebody just compiling lists at a later date (see attached files).


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Posted : July 19, 2021 9:58 pm