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Monte Diablo Cross

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Not remember where I posted, if ‘and I posted, this observation I made on the scale that is in the Philips map rodape. What I saw, saved mistake, it is that the author may have used this scale to trace the designs of vertical lines (mostly) and horizontal above Monte Diablo.
Vertically, although that was drawn slightly tilted to the right, the proportion with the scale is perfect. I also observed that the horizontal line is drawn at the time when the number is indicated on the scale (end of stroke in bold).
I noticed that in the case of horizontal, scale fits not in rows but in the horizontal numbers 9—–3
At first,I do believe that this has relevance , unless new observations.
It should be noted that the digitized map, always will keep proportions.
Marcelo :)


Posted : October 16, 2016 10:06 am
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As far as I know it’s sort of two inch or something..two very similar Route 66 maps do exist, one with a scale (e.g. one inch is 25 miles) printed on it, the other one without. Possible that Z had used a ruler when drawing his Z symbol, starting with a two-inch line.



Posted : October 16, 2016 11:58 pm