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Donna Lass' Vallejo connection

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According to the following link, Donna Lass had a cousin named ‘Wayne’ with ties to Vallejo. Also, that her roommate Carol Emerich had ‘hailed’ from Vallejo (they shared their room at 4122 Balboa Street SF).

Is this information correct? If yes, it strongly supports not only that Lass was a Z victim but that he had known them from Vallejo.

https://www.reddit.com/r/ZodiacKiller/c … onnection/

It is said that Carol Emerich graduated from Vallejo High [could not verify?], which – if true – somewhat tied Donna Lass to other victims (David Faraday) / same school. It also mentions that she had lunch with Carol at the "Nut Tree" in Vacaville, close to Vallejo:

https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/zodiack … 5-s10.html

"Dear Mom, Well, guess its about time & wrote and few lines. Doesn’t seem possible it’s already May. Things are fine here. The weather has been great & I have a pretty decent tan. I’m afraid its over for a few days as the fog is really thick today. The fog horns are blowing like crazy – hope they don’t keep me awake. We’re so close to the Bay that we hear them all. Work is the same. I work nights again this week which is bad news, but think I have a long weekend which helps. Have been working days for the past 2 weeks which is unbelievable. Went to Vallejo on Thursday with Carol. Spent the day shopping and eating!! Went to Nut Tree for lunch & as usual, when we go there stuffed ourselves. Last night, made the scene at the action spots. Had a horrible time so was an early Friday night. Have a couple of parties to go to tonight but don’t think I could stand another night like last so many just watch the tube. Am still looking for a car [ads??]. Wish I could find what I want for what I want to pay. How’s everything in (Beresford?)? Is it beginning to warm up a little? How are the little “Mothers-to-be?" Gee, wonder if I can have Karen’s summer cloths. Ha Ha. Carol is planning 5 days in Hawaii the end of May. I’m considering going myself. Guess I better make up my mind soon. Do need a short vacation but bet Las Vegas could do just as much for me as Hawaii. What do you want for Mother’s Day? If you want to get your teeth fixed go ahead – then you could really enjoy (Dad’s?) Steaks. Well, will close for now. Write sometime. Tell everyone I said hi. Love Donna."

According to the letter, Donna Lass indeed had ties to Vallejo.



A second issue I’d like to come up with are potential (!) locations of Donna Lass’ body:

– May 28, 1981 a skull was found in Truckee, 17 miles away from Incline Village ("Reporting party located the skull on the back porch of their summer home"). No additional information available immediately.

– Dec 31, 1985 a maxilla was found about 15 miles East of Colfax, age 15-25 (unlikely related but still somewhat in the vicinity). On August 5, 1986, the skull was found, too. It was a female skull. The location was 39°05’29.7"N 120°48’14.2"W (if someone wants to search for the rest of whomever the skull belongs to).



Posted : May 16, 2021 10:14 am
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So from what I saw recently online, her Cousin Wayne married…Donna Lass. A different Donna Lass, but Donna Lass.

Posted : May 19, 2021 6:47 pm