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Murderer calling Dunbar TV show – a second time

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Don’t think it was Z – but guess he had a good time with two girls. Desert Sun 02/05/70


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Posted : January 23, 2022 10:43 am
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It’s always fun to come across stuff like this that I didn’t know existed. Fun Find.

Posted : April 5, 2022 9:22 pm
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I think Zodiac lied in the 340 solution about not being the Dunbar caller. The same winy-sounding man phoned a school teacher who lived in Martinez but worked in Richmond. The caller said he was Zodiac and that he had a lot of bad headaches! He phoned the teacher 10 times between Oct and Nov. 1969. The teacher said the caller was winy and was hard to understand, that he sounded as if he had something in his mouth. My suspect talks like that, he is paralyzed on one side of his face, so he has a problem talking, he talks slowly and enunciates each syllable.  (Monotone) And yes he sounds as if he has cotton in his mouth! Officer Slaight said it was hard to understand the man he spoke to who was the killer. Hartnell said it was like a drawl, and yes you could say that, but not like a southern drawl, no accent!  

Back to the teacher, weeks later the teacher had a drink from his refrigerator, that had a lot of arsenic in it!

“Someone” tried to poison me in 1969 Vallejo, I was working as a cocktail waitress in the Melody lounge, I had been sipping on coke, and a half hour later was rushed to Vallejo General Hospital! My witness is a Valleo cop, who took me to the hospital. I was paralyzed for a few hours, the doctor thought I had a stroke?  I was tested a couple of yrs ago and told I never had a stroke! That was the same cocktail lounge where my coil wire was taken and I was followed by whom I believe was Zodiac. He had a large round face and brown curly hair, he sat very low in his tan-colored car, so I felt he was a short man. The car I believe looked like a “Mercury Comet”, similar to Darlene’s Corvair!  He looked to be 30 yrs old in 1969 and 50 yrs old on Aug.10th, 1990 when I took his picture. He worked in Construction, plastering, and concrete work. The high school where the teacher was working had construction work done by a company out of Benicia, called Lathrope Construction. Is that how Zodiac started stalking the teacher? 

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