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'Hello It's Me' Letter PHOTOS

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In the past couple years, I made several FOIA requests to the FBI for any previously unreleased confirmed, or unconfirmed Zodiac letters to be released. I had early success with Bleeding Knife & a couple others. But mostly I got letters stating that the material I requested could not be released. Today I got one that I asked for. It starts with "HELLO IT’S ME". It was one of the letters mentioned in the FBI Zodiac files. Please forgive me. I forget when the letter supposedly came in or where it was mailed from. There is an FBI file in the reports that mentions this letter. It may have been one of the Atlanta letters, but I will have to double check. I will not share my opinion yer on this letter until more people see it. But let me know what you think pro or con, and please feel free to distribute to any other Zodiac related forums or sites for further evaluation.

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Posted : April 2, 2013 3:27 am