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Hello everyone. I’m doing a investigation into the murder of my mother Theresa Brown. I was brought to this site do to the mentioning of her name multiple times. I have never heard of the connection and don’t know a lot about the Zodiac murders. I would love any information in connection with my mother that anyone might have. I am willing to answer any questions anyone might have. I have a request with the sheriffs department to get access to my mothers files but we will see how far that gets me.

Posted : December 29, 2018 3:31 am
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Sorry about your mom. There’s a little bit of information here…


Posted : December 29, 2018 4:50 am
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I copied and pasted the below from the other thread to save going back to it. Not much in internet land about your mum. It would be an interesting case to follow through on. Sandy Betts on this board is very knowledgeable in most murder cases from these areas. Hopefully the Police will give you a copy of the case file. You never know what is in it and a name might just pop out. All the best

Theresa Colleen Brown 1988
Postby truthandsoul » Wed Jun 12, 2013 12:06 am

March 19, 2000 Contra Costa Times


Author: Kristi Belcamino

Concord The sun was just beginning to swell above the hills when the California Highway Patrol officer noticed the black skid marks on eastbound Highway 4 at Willow Pass Road.

Peering down into a ravine from the side of the road, he spotted the two-door brown Mercury Montego. It was upright, but facing the wrong direction.

When he reached the bottom of the ditch, the officer found the car empty, and the passenger side window broken out. He found the bloody body of a 30-year-old woman in a thicket of bamboo about 15 feet away.

Theresa Colleen Brown had been stabbed to death.

Nearly 12 years later, her slaying remains unsolved.

While investigators have not determined a motive, Contra Costa County sheriff’s Sgt. Mark Hale said he does not believe it was a random killing.

"We don’t feel this is a stranger who did this," he said. "This is not a wandering, hobo hitchhiker who jumped off a train. This was someone in the area."

Brown’s mother, Loise Proulx of Antioch, remains eager to find out who killed her daughter.

"It would mean everything to me," she said. "If I knew who it was and he was executed, I’d be there to watch him. I would want him punished."

She even wrote to then-Gov. Pete Wilson asking him to offer a reward for information about her daughter’s death but to no avail.

Proulx described her daughter as a "darling girl," devoted to her children. Brown liked to go out on Friday nights and loved to laugh.

After separating from her husband, Brown left Oregon in January 1988 and moved to her mother’s house in Antioch with her youngest, a 4-year-old boy, in tow.

Her then-husband, who still lives in Oregon and was living there with their two older children when she died, is not a suspect, Hale said. Their youngest son lives with his father now.

At the time of her death, Brown had worked for about two weeks as a cocktail waitress at the Ramada Renaissance Hotel in Walnut Creek.

She had a tough facade, but was also described by co-workers as very friendly and outgoing, Hale said.

Brown seemed to have made most of her acquaintances in bars, and some of these casual friends were "biker types," Hale said.

Brown’s sister Mary Knibbe said Brown was "carefree and innocent" but began hanging out with a tough crowd shortly after moving to Antioch. Still, on most nights Brown went straight to the baby sitter’s house to pick up her little boy after her work shift ended, Hale said.

On the night of her slaying, Brown did not mention that she had other plans, and the baby sitter expected her to pick up her son. She never showed up.

Brown was last seen at 2:15 a.m. April 22, 1988, when she left work. Her body was discovered at 6:30 a.m.

Other hotel employees told police there had been no problems with customers that night and several had watched Brown get into her car and leave alone, Hale said.

He believes she met her killer somewhere later. There were signs that Brown had sexual contact after leaving work, but Hale doesn’t know if it was with the killer or someone else.

What Hale said he does believe, though, is that before Brown’s killer stabbed her, he terrorized the 30-year-old, chasing her down the freeway and running her car off the road.

After the crash, the killer hiked down into the ravine after her. Before she was stabbed, Brown had either been dragged out of the car, Hale said, or she was already out of the car and trying to run away.

Proulx and Knibbe both said they believe Brown was killed because she knew something the killer didn’t want her to know. Hale said this was one of several possible motives detectives have considered.
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Posted : December 29, 2018 9:10 am
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Do you know if your mother wore uniforms for her various jobs? If so, could you describe them?

Posted : December 29, 2018 11:28 pm
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@mr-lowe Thank you, I do have information about the killer in Pittsburg Ca.

As soon as I heard we had a serial killer here in Contra Costa County and that he looked like my suspect, I did what I could to try and prove he was my or was not my suspect. My eldest daughter told me some of the victims survived described him as being older and was possibly Hispanic. I made copies of the picture I took of him back in Aug 1990. I handed them out to the prostitutes, without mentioning Zodiac. As I was showing his picture, one of the girls named Louisa screamed : That’s the killer, that’s the killer!  She proceeded to tell me about her “date”, that she felt he was safe,  because he was a working man who had a tool chest on the back of his truck. He  didn’t like where she told him to go for their date, it was a construction site, he probably had just gotten off from that place and told her he wanted to go to a place more discreet. She then decided to cancel the date for another time. That is when he hit her in the head with a hammer and then grabbed his long knife from under his seat. She got away when he stopped behind a car at the red light. There were other girls who recognized the picture. Det. Stage was happy that I had a picture of my suspect who fit who they were looking for.  It was the ignorant DA who called me to say he wouldn’t take the word of any prostitute! That ended that investigation.  The killer knew me and my address , because he was the man who had stalked me for many years on and off. He wanted me to know he killed another girl, by sending me the picture I gave to her. The killer called to tell the police or sheriffs department where to find my daughters friend Andrea Ingersoll’s body. He then told them he was the Zodiac and he killed all of those girls. They thought that was a hoax caller, even though Andrea’s body was where he told them! This suspect drew me a murder map of  his victims. There were over 70 of them before he murdered all of the girls in Pittsburg. ( That was just in northern Calif. ) Theresa Brown was more than likely one of his victims. I doubt he raped her. I was followed on highway 4 by him many times, he tried to force me off that highway, but I outsmarted and out drove him, causing him to go sideways. I tapped my breaks when he sped up behind me, causing him to slam on his brakes  and go sideways up a hill LOL.

I gave Det. Stage the license plate numbers of two black Monte Carlo’s, one he was driving when he tried to kill Tammy Davis. The cars may have been the same car but with different plates? He stole many of the plates for cars I reported. I would like to help Theresa’s son if I can? 


Posted : April 23, 2022 5:35 am