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When did Z kill his victims?

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I’d like to analyze Zodiac’s bodycount claims in at least three different sections:



5-6 victims (incl. CJB)
07/31/69 2 teenagers + girl on 4th July (408 cipher)
09/27/69 Cecilia Ann Shepard (car door)
10/11/69 Paul Lee Stine (Shirt/School bus letter 10/13/69

7 victims – referring to Paul Stine AND/OR another victim between 10/13/69 and 11/09/69)
11/09/69 Bus bomb letter (“up to the end of Oct I have killed 7 people“)

So far, his claims – except one – are compliant with at least six rather definite victims: CJB/CS/DF/BLJ+DF/PLS.

Who has been his other victim?



12/20/69 Melvin Belli letter – Zodiac announces his 9th victim

Thus,  between 11/09/69 and 12/20/69, Zodiac had killed his 8th victim. Besides London Joel Dean Pugh and Los Angeles based Claudia Smith / James Sharp / Doreen Gaul, there is three names known to me:

Raphael ‘Ralph’ Norbert Colar (merchant seaman of Napa..)
Betty (Betsy) Ruth Aardsma
Elaine Louise Davis

In that context, I find it interesting that one of those three potential victims was actually not only from Vallejo area but had also been a merchant seaman. It is said, however, that a black shooter had been seen at the scene. Later, the Zebra killings had started. However, if Z had actually killed Colar, the person who had reported a black shooter might have lied. A killer would certainly do so. Thus, the question arises:

Who had actually been witness of the shooting of Raphael Norbert Colar?

Oh and there is another interesting theory: What if Raphael Colar had been the “shabbily dressed” guy witnessing Z a the phone booth? That’d certainly be good enough as a “motive”. Also, Colar was shot at least three times (head, stomach, legs) – is his case unrelated?



04/20/1970, Zodiac claims his 10th victim (since the Belli Letter on 12/20/69).

Who was his victim #10?


06/26/1970, Zodiac claims his 12th victim (‘I shot a man sitting in a parked car with a .38’); most likely referring to Sgt. Richard Radetich (who was shot with a .38) as victim #12. Since 04/20/1970 there is actually 

Ilonka Cann of Pennsylvania or
John Clyde Perrin of Menlo Park 

listed as a (missing) case. Thus:

Who was his victim #11?


07/26/1970, since Radetich / the previous letter, Zodiac now claims 13 victims in his what I call button II letter (‘pine splinters driven under their nails’).

Jacqueline Ann Gasperian missing of Redondo Beach

is one (missing) case during that period.

Who was his victim #13?




“However I have foound an address of a Juan Colar, 89 years old, listed at 1908 Solano Ave vallejo, which is ca 1500 ft from the location of the phone boot were Zodiac made his call to the VPD, after murder/attack of Darlene Ferrin and Mike Mageau.” (The Foreigner)

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Posted : December 12, 2021 9:06 pm
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I firmly believe that Zodiac only killed the 5 canonical. I think the inflated numbers were merely boasts. That said, I’m interested in seeing you explore this more. 

“Murder will out, this my conclusion.”
– Geoffrey Chaucer

Posted : December 13, 2021 6:24 pm
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Raphael N Colar not a ‘Zebra’ murder as those had started in 1973. It may, however, have been Black Panther related. Still unsure about the witness.

Sharp/Gaul two victims, thus ruled out. Possibly cult/family related. Same with Claudia Smith and Joel Pugh.

This leaves us with

Betty (Betsy) Ruth Aardsma
Elaine Louise Davis

If we follow these thoughts, there are only the following scenarios possible:

1) Z being related to the Manson family (nonsense, imo).
2) Z being the ‘witness’ of the Raphael N Colar murder.
3) Z had killed out of state or a person who had not been reported missing (missing cases during that time seem all unrelated).
4) Z had killed Betty Aardsma.
5) Z had killed Elaine Louise Davis.
6) Z had killed Leona Roberts
7) Z had lied regarding his bodycount.

ad 4)
R. Allen, a witness of the Aardsma murder, saw a guy ‘looking like a student’; witness Erdley described him as ‘being dressed in khaki washable slacks, a tie, and a sports jacket. He had well-kept brown hair, was approximately 6 ft in height, about 185 lbs, and may have been wearing glasses; witness Joao Uafinda followed her murderer; finally a sketch was made by another witness who saw Uafinda following the man. Aardsma suffered from a one stab wound to the heart. The person had RUN away (not very much Z-style).

ad 5)
Elaine Luise Davis was living in Walnut Creek. Besides Colar, she thus is the ‘best’ geographical match. Also, a long car ride with her, similar to the one of Kathleen Johns (whatever one might think about this one, Z confessed to such ‘interesting ride’). Equal to her case, the killer was driving around with her for long time. This, again, lead Elaine Louise Davis to throw out her textiles during the ‘ride’. She obviously was aware that the person is not insane/willing to let her go. Very uncommon, however, that she had disappeared from her home. She was playing the guitar and sang for the school choir and was involved in other group activities (eg. “Camp Fire Girls Horizon Club”; Oakland Tribune 12/26/69). 

Elaine had put on her coat – a button was found in the backyard of her home – and might have been stalked:

“On the same day, a resident of North Gate Rd, approx 4 miles east of Elaine Davis’ Home reported that her daughter had been stalked by a 30-35 year old male for several days. The young girl had been followed to and from her high school bus stop, travelling to Ygnacio Valley High School. She also received two disturbing phone calls asking if her parents were home. On the Monday at 6 pm “a car drove past the residence three times while the girl’s parents were shopping. After the third time, there was a knock at the door and a man repeatedly said “I know you are home alone. Can I use your phone-my car has broken down”. Lieutenant Holthus said the home was staked out but the man did not show up.”

Certainly a Scotts Valley / Santa Cruz connection (eg. Herbert Mullin / Edmund Kemper), whatsoever. Case could be related to Maureen Field; eventually a crime of Philipp Joseph Hughes, possibly. Maureen’s father was called by a man claiming to have killed her – anybody ever considered Hughes to be Z, btw?

ad 6)
Almost forgot to mention Leona Roberts as potential victim #8: Her case was immediately followed by Z letters AND was a blue station wagon seen at the scene. Reminding me of the car seen near Lake Herman Road, near the industrial entrance gate (Jensen/Faraday). Her mother was psychiatric technician at the Napa State hospital. Also, it was only few minutes after she had arrived at her boyfriends place when her struggle had started. Before, she had come from the ‘White Front Discount Store’ in Pleasant Hill (560 Contra Costa Boulevard).


Everyone may think about these cases as he/she wants to. Despite strong indications for Elaine Davis, there are indications, too, that she is not a Z victim (home intruder; body found in the sea; strangulation/nude).

Same with regard to Leona Roberts. Despite:

– close to Z crime scene (LHR)
– blue station wagon (LHR)
– followed by White Front Discount Store area (similar to Angwin flea market)
– suspect described having some crew cut (neighbor Betty Rei: 5’8′, about 25 and with short blond hair).

We were somewhat lucky with the FBI report referring to 11/24/1969. Its cipher is UNKNOWN to me but in the report it is said that the phrase “NOVEMBER=8” had been written. This is perfectly complying with Z’s bodycount at that time, however shortens the time frame for victim #8 from 11/09/69 to 11/24/1969 exactly. Who had died during those 2.5 weeks? 



Reet Silvia Jurvetson, stabbed on 11/14/69, overkill (150 stab wounds). However found in LA, Mulholland Drive. Possibly related to Sharp/Gaul.






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Posted : December 22, 2021 12:01 pm
Russ Thompson
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@chaucer I think it likely that Z did commit murder outside the known five victims.

A sociopath with such pronounced (and ‘evolved’) pathological fantasies is highly unlikely to have begun and stopped acting on these fantasies within ten months. That would be a very atypical pattern for this type of offender.

I suspect that the Zodiac crimes were just a window into a portion of this offender’s crime spree. In 1969-1970 he had developed enough criminal confidence to become the ‘Zodiac’ poison pen pal. After that it likely got too hot so he vanished that persona.

But he would always be a killer; he would end up cruising for victims again in his free time. That behavior would be baked into his psyche.

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That was too much!

Posted : January 5, 2022 10:34 pm
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Each killer makes decisions. Not the crime scene but his decisions leads us to his identity. Now guess what: Z couldn’t do anything against Kathleen Johns jumping out of his car but fleeing from the truck driver. When possibly caught by Fouke, he mentioned a guy had run away with a gun in his hands. Also, he was seen by someone doing his confession call – the police calling back caught the attention of a shabbily dressed afro american. Who had seen his car, possibly lived in the area. 

Just in case he had killed that same poor guy later on: When questioned, he certainly would have seen a black guy – instead of himself – running from the scene.

But is that true? What IF Z actually did eliminate this witness? At least the whole bay area was searching for him..I don’t know but somehow my guts tell me the witness there was a white guy. Also, the cook not necessarily being killed by someone else, in the Napa/Vallejo area, but zodiac himself.

Shabbily dressed? Well that certainly matches a merchant marine cook coming home from work.. 


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Posted : January 5, 2022 11:49 pm
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QT said;

Raphael ‘Ralph’ Norbert Colar (merchant seaman of Napa..)

…It is said, however, that a black shooter had been seen at the scene.

…However, if Z had actually killed Colar, the person who had reported

a black shooter might have lied….Thus, the question arises:

Who had actually been witness of the shooting of Raphael Norbert Colar?

Oh and there is another interesting theory: What if Raphael Colar

had been the “shabbily dressed” guy witnessing Z a the phone booth?

That’d certainly be good enough as a “motive”. Also, Colar was shot

at least three times (head, stomach, legs) – is his case unrelated?


Raphael Norbert Colar was shot dead with a 9mm on Monday,

24 Nov 1969, reported to have just returned from a sea voyage.

(Note: I understand records of merchant seaman sea voyages

after 1959 are not at this time publically available).

Raphael Norbert Colar’s record of voyages as a merchant seaman

are obtainable for a reasonable fee from the Federal Government

by application only by his NOK (or possibly by his other relatives,

if some Federal official isn’t too picky), which could clarify where

he was (e.g. at sea?) when the July 1969 phone booth call that

QT referred to occurred.


From principally Theforeigner & Seagull‘s research on Tom Voigt’s

ZodiacKiller forum;


we know that by 16 Jul 1970 Leonard Douglas Colar DOB 20 Aug 1953

had been charged with the murder of his father (name unstated) and

was then in custody, then by May 1974 he had an (unrelated) charge

of Assault With A Deadly Weapon against him dismissed, this after he

had been picked up by police in a raid on a house – therefore the earlier

murder charge (of his father) against him could not have succeeded.


If Leonard Douglas Colar was Raphael Norbert Colar’s son, it is

possible that he was charged with the murder because at the time in

’69/’70 Leonard may have been involved with the Black Panthers or

because his brother(s) were involved with the Black Panthers – police

at the time would have taken a prejudiced view of anyone associated

with the Black Panthers, and police of the time arresting and apparently

charging him with murder as a knee-jerk reaction could have been

a possibility. Also, there was considerable racial discord during this

period of time – I believe police may have been too quick to make this

assertion of a black man seen running so as to lessen the possibility

that black people would possibly blame this shooting on a white person.


There it rests, in the absence of further research or questions to

Ernest J. Gaines widow in Louisiana or Raphael Norbert Colar’s son(s?)

in California.



QT asked;

“Who was his victim #10?”


10 Apr 1970, Friday afternon, Barbara Keenan, ~43 yrs old, was

murdered in her home in Orinda, Contra Costa County. She was

found in the kitchen by her 14 year old daughter, Margaret.

Barbara Keenan had been shot to death with a .22 caliber weapon

and had the cord of an electric iron wrapped around her neck.


20 Apr 70 Zodiac sends ‘My Name Is’ 13 symbol cipher letter, with

wording “[Zodiac symbol] =10” and “PS I hope you have fun trying

to figgure out who I killed”.(sic)

At this time I don’t rule out Barbara Keenan, although one of her

daughters allegedly posted on Tom Voigt’s ZodiacKiller forum that

“I heard back in ’71 that a couple confessed without being read

their Miranda rights”.


Wonder if the calibre was actually ‘.22LR’ ?

Posted : January 15, 2022 9:33 am
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Trying to get his list together:


#1 Cheri Jo Bates (10/30/1966)
#2 Betty Lou Jensen (12/20/1968)
#3 David Faraday (12/20/1968)
#4 Darlene Ferrin (07/05/1969)
#5 Cecilia Ann Shepard (09/29/1969)

#6 Paul Lee Stine (10/11/1969)
#7 U n k n o w n   (may have happened before Paul Stine)
BUS BOMB LETTER 7 (11/09/1969)

#8 U n k n o w n   (Leona Roberts? Smith/Colar/Aardsma/Davis/Pugh/Roberts?)

#9 U n k n o w n   (Cosette Allison/Patricia King? Bonick/Lamson? Hakari/Tan? Anstey/Blau?)
#10 U n k n o w n   (     ”                            ”                         ”                               ”           )  
MY NAME IS LETTER 10 (04/20/1970)

#11 U n k n o w n   (Ilonka Cann?/John Clyde Perrin?)
#12 Sgt. Richard Radetich (06/19/1970)
BUTTON LETTER 12 (06/26/1970)

#13 U n k n o w n   (Alan Daly? Jacqueline Ann Gasperian? Denise Sheehy? Patricia Thomas-Wardell? Luis Murua?)
LITTLE LIST LETTER 13 (07/26/1970)

#14 U n k n o w n   (Nancy Bennallack/Charles Hollingsworth/Phyllis O’Brien?)
HALLOWEEN CARD 14 (10/27/1970)

#15 U n k n o w n
#16 U n k n o w n
#17 U n k n o w n
CRACKPROOF LETTER 17 (03/13/1971)

#18 U n k n o w n
#19 U n k n o w n
#20 U n k n o w n
#21 U n k n o w n
MONTICELLO CARD 21 (07/13/1971)

EXORZIST LETTER 37 (01/29/1974)




@buyerninety Great research

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Posted : January 16, 2022 2:10 pm
serya, serya and serya reacted
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I appreciate how you are laying that all out there.


Posted : January 17, 2022 8:24 am
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Thx..the Ilonka Cann / John Clyde Perrin period is interesting: Pretty short, not many people went missing etc…so he either ‘did’ one of those two or the case is not listed, yet – or he killed out of state. Searched for 6 hrs. to find any case that could be related but could not find many..to figure out who was victim #11 could indeed solve the case.

Here we go with another interesting list:



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Posted : January 17, 2022 7:59 pm
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Allan Daly can be 99% ruled out as a Z victim: Two assailants, prevous attacks on car and home. Article FOUND (Desert Sun 7/7/70):

Victim No 13:

Jacqueline Ann Gasperian?  – Redondo Beach [far away]
Denise Sheehy? – NYC [far, far away…]
Patricia Thomas-Wardell? – Houston [super unrelated]
Luis Murua? [got lost at Sugarloaf Mountain..super super unrelated]

WHO ELSE DIED / WENT MISSING FROM 06/26/1970 TO 07/26/70??




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Posted : February 3, 2022 10:58 pm